Female Face Drawing | Step by Step Full Drawing Tutorial

Female Face Drawing, Hi, guys welcome to my today’s blog post. Today I have brought some such drawings for you. What you all need so much. At the most, they would make all the drawings but they get scared in the name of drawing face drawings. Because the face cannot be formed properly from them. And while making face, they sit in a mistake due to nervousness. And their face drawing is not good enough. For which you need concentration and correct instruction. So that’s why today I have brought such a drawing for you. Therefore, you have to read my instruction and the given article very well. So today I have a female face drawing for you. With which you will get the right suggestion and instruction to make a female face drawing. So friends you have to watch this article carefully and understand it.

Female Face Drawing

So, friends, I have taken a female face drawing for you today. I am going to tell you how you can easily make this face drawing. I told you in steps in this article how to draw this drawing. By which your drawing can be made good.

Step:1 First you have to interset line

Female Face Drawing

So first you have to measure some lines. With the help of which you can prepare a face figure for a female face. For which you have to measure some lines: according to the images given below. And how many centimeters of lines you have to measure? For that, you have also been given a video tutorial below. With the help of which you can understand well. And you can make the drawing even better.

Step:2 Draw the Face Figure (Female Face Drawing)

Female Face Drawing

After intersecting the lines, with their help, you have to decide the face figure of the girl with a drawn figure. With which your face drawing’s face figure will be drawn properly. And as before, without drawing any mistake in your face drawing, the figure of your drawing will be ready.

Step:3 You have to draw Eyes

In this step, you have to draw Eyes. Which is the important part of a face drawing. In this drawing, the eyes are closed, due to which you only have to make closed eyes and eyelashes in a proper way. And you have to draw the eyebrows too well. After making the eyes, you can remove the extraneous lines which were measure. After removing the extra lines, you have to draw the necklines in the curve shape.

Step:4  Now draw the Hairs of  Female Face Drawing

Now you have to set the hair well in it. With which the girl feels beautiful. There is a part of her beauty. You have to make every layer of his hair good. Drawing hair is very easy. You can draw very easily.

Step:5 Your drawing has been completed

Female Face Drawing

In this last step, you have to sketch well like all the drawings. Which will make your drawing complete. And the sketch has to be blended well with the blending stump. After that, you have to fill the lips with red color. And then your drawing will be completely completed. I hope you will definitely like this drawing.

Watch the video of Female Face Drawing