Fish Tank Drawing | Fish in Tank Colourful Drawing

Fish Tank Drawing, Hello friends, welcome back to my 3dvkarts blog. I hope you like most of my previous posts. My effort is to bring a new drawing for you every time. Even today, I have brought a new blog post for you. Which you will like very much. Today I have brought a drawing of the fish queen of water for you. Drawing made with a fish tank and it is very easy to make. Everyone likes these kinds of drawings. And many people also like to draw such drawings. This drawing is very easy to make. I have told you about this only in this blog post. In this post, you have been told to draw fish tank drawings. For which you have to read this entire blog post very carefully.

Fish Tank Drawing

So, friends, this is your Fish Tank Drawing. I am going to tell you how you can draw it. How can you make it easier? For this, you have been given some steps below. With whose help you can make this drawing very easily. So now you follow the steps given below step by step and draw the drawing.

Step1: First draw the Fish Tank

Fish Tank Drawing | Fish in Tank Colourful Drawing

So, friends, you have to make a fish tank to make this drawing. We will make a tank-like pot in this drawing. We have to make a circle to make a tank-like pot. And we can make circles with the help of a CD. After drawing the circle, you have to draw the circle upwards, like a pot, as its open area. And the top draw line of the circle has to be rough. Which will make it ready like a pot. Then you will have to draw on it with a black sketch pen.

Step2: Now draw the inside of the Tank

Fish tank Drawing

In the last step, our tank was prepared. This is your second step. In this, you have to draw the inside of the tank. Inside the tank, you have to draw in such a way that it seems that it is the inner portions of the sea. You will have to draw inside it like a stone and some grass. You have to draw this well. And after that, you have to draw the water level. Which shows how much water is inside the tank. Which we will draw on the top of the tank.

Step3: You have to shade in the drawing

Fish tank Drawing

Friends, this is your next step. So, in which you have to shade well. In this step, you have to shade the drawing created in the first step. In this, you have to shade the drawing. With the help of black sketch pens, you have to shade the grass made from it. And after that, the stones made have to be completed with the help of the earbud. Then you have to shade the water level created above. And the entire water area has to be completed by shading it with a pencil.

Step4: Your drawing has been completed

Fish tank Drawing

This is your last step. In this step, you have to draw fish in the tank to complete the drawing. Fish is the most important part of this drawing. With which your drawing will be completed. You have to crack the fish. You have to draw one fish and you have to draw two small fish. After drawing big fish, you have to complete it completely with orange and yellow colors. And both small fish have to be drawn with a pencil. Then you have to draw the bubbles very well and get shade. And after that, you have to do the shading at the bottom of the tank. You have also been given a video tutorial below to make this drawing. I hope you will like this drawing.

Watch the video tutorial of Fish Tank Drawing