Friendship Drawing : Friendship Day Drawing With Pencil

Friendship Drawing, Friendship day drawing with a pencil step by step. So friends, You all must have known what kind of drawing we have provided in this blog post today. In this blog post, I have provided friendship drawing for all of you. I hope you all will like this drawing. By the way, for the first time today, we have a related post from Friendship Drawing. It will be an effort to provide drawing in a similar way in the future. By the way, to make this drawing you will need some material, in which you have great importance of HB pencil because it will be useful in the beginning. And after that, we will need some dark pencils which will be explained to you in the steps given below. Like every time, we have provided some steps and video tutorials in this blog post too.

Friendship Drawing

So friends, below are some steps to make this drawing. By the way, all of you will also have friends, so you can share this drawing with your friends. Stayed after seeing this drawing, friends of all of you will be very happy, especially among girls. In the steps given, you will have some knowledge about the basic points, how to start making such a drawing. I hope all of you will be happy with this information from us.

Step:1 First Draw the Parallel Lines

Friendship Drawing : Friendship Day Drawing With Pencil

So friends, now we have to draw two parallel lines to make this drawing. As you can see in the image of this step, how the parallel line has been drawn. I hope that you will be able to make this drawing well.

Step:2 Draw Girl’s School Dress in the left

friendship drawing

So guys, first we have to draw the girl on the left line. To draw a girl, first of all, we have to draw her school dress as you can see in the image of this step. Hope you understand this by now.

Step:3 Now you have to draw Girl Properly(Friendship Drawing)

Friendship Drawing : Friendship Day Drawing With Pencil

So guys, now we have to draw this girl completely. As you must see in this image, this girl’s hair is drawn. You have to draw a bag of this, in the last, we have to draw hands and Legs.

Step:4 Draw similarly one more girl on the Right line

friendship drawing

On the right side, we have to draw another girl. This girl has to draw in exactly the same way as we have done to a girl with left. Hopefully, all of you must have understood what I have been able to explain.

Step:5 Friendship drawing has been made

friendship drawing

So guys, at last, we have to do sketching in it. You can sketch very easily. You can see how to sketch in the video tutorial of this drawing.

Watch the Video of Friendship Drawing