Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post. In today’s blog post I have provided five funny drawings(Funny Things to draw). Such funny drawings are provided for the first time. I hope you all will definitely like these drawings. There are very easy drawings all in this article, I hope you all will like all these drawings. For such drawings, please turn on the notification of our blog. If you want to make any drawing out of all these drawings, then you must watch the video tutorial of all these drawings which we have provided with them.

Funny Things to draw

So friends, seeing the title and thumbnail of this article, you all must have come to know that we have provided some funny drawings in this. Video tutorials of all these drawings are also given along. It will not be explained much about all these drawings, it is enough that you will be able to know how to make this drawing by watching their video tutorials.

Drawing:1 Cool Avocado Drawing(Funny Things to draw)

funny things to draw

So guys here is a cool avocado drawing. These are very funny drawings, just by looking at it, it is known how funny it is. Don’t forget to watch its video tutorial given below.

Drawing:2 Funny Chocolate Cake Drawing

funny things to draw

Here is a funny chocolate cake drawing. I hope you all will definitely like this drawing. To make this drawing, you must watch the video tutorial of this drawing once.

Drawing:3 Funny Cheesecake Drawing

Funny Things to draw | 5 Funny Drawings

Funny Cheesecake drawing. It is a very amazing drawing(Funny Things to draw). If you want to draw this you have to watch the video tutorial and understand how to draw it.

Drawing:4 Funny Bowl of Cereal Drawing

Funny Things to draw | 5 Funny Drawings

Funny bowl of cereal drawing(Funny Things to draw). In this drawing, you also have to draw a milk box which is looking very cool.

Drawing:5 Spongebob Drawing

funny things to draw

Spongebob Drawing. Friends, all of you must have heard the name SpongeBob. Spongebob’s show was very famous and funny too. Don’t forget to watch this drawing video tutorial. A special blog post related to this drawing has also been uploaded and if you go to the homepage of this blog and search, you will see it at the top.