Girl Crying Drawing in Four Step For Beginners

Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post. Friends, today’s blog post is related to the most viewed category. By looking at the thumbnail and title of this blog post. you came to know very well what kind of drawing has been provided in it. you can make this crying girl drawing very easily. By the way, you can make this drawing very easily without any problem. Because this article has shown a very easy way to make this drawing. To make this drawing, I have provided stepwise method so that you can easily make this drawing. If you want to know how to make this crying girl drawing, then read this article and understand all the steps given.

How to Draw Crying Girl

To make this drawing easily, first read the steps below and look at the images properly.

Step:1 Draw the intersect line to make the shape of the face

Girl Crying Drawing

So friends, first of all, we have to draw intersecting lines, with the help of which you can easily draw the face of this girl. After drawing the line, you have to draw the shape of its face. It’s very easy to draw. I hope you like my way of understanding. And you can easily make this drawing in one go. Do not make any mistake in drawing the shape of the girl’s face because this is the beginning if the drawing will not be good in the beginning, then after drawing, it will not look so attractive as you are looking in this article.

Step:2 Draw eyes and nose of girl

Girl Crying Drawing in Four Step For Beginners

So guys, you have to draw the nose and eyes of this girl. Just draw the eyes carefully. Drawing eyes becomes a bit difficult for people, many people make a mistake in drawing eyes, so if you are unable to draw eyes, then open the links below.

Click Check how to draw Eye

Step:3 Draw lips of crying girl

Girl Crying Drawing in Four Step For Beginners

Now you have to draw the lips of this girl, it is very easy to draw lips. Some people are unable to draw lips, so if you are not able to draw lips then click on the link given below.

Click here to check how to draw lips

Step:4 Now Crying Girl Drawing is Done

Girl Crying Drawing

So, friends, this Girl Crying drawing is completely done. In this drawing, our last work is left, which we want to sketch in it. Very easily you can sketch. It is very important to use some pencils for sketching such as shade pencil and lead pencil. Hope you all like this article very much.

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