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Girl Face Sketch | How to Sketch a Face of Girl Step by Step

Girl Face Sketch, Hii guys welcome back on my today’s blog post. I would have liked my previous post of you. In this way, I have brought a new post for you. Today I have brought you the Girl Face Sketch. Like all posts, you will also like this post. I will keep bringing such a new drawing for you every time on my blog post. In this post, a sketch of a girl was done with the ponytail’s hairstyle.

 Girl Face Sketch

Girl Face Sketch is very easy to make. What I am going to tell you is how you can make a good shape. To draw this sketch, I gave some steps. Which you read and understand well.

Step:1 First you have to intersect lines

Girl Face Sketch

You must first intersect some lines in it. With whose help, you will be able to draw this section properly. You have to draw a straight line of 11.2cm. You have to put some marks on the lines, with whose help you will be able to draw a face. While intersecting the lines, take care that your measurement is correct. Because if your measurement is wrong then your sketch can spoil. After measuring the lines, you have to set the structure according to the image given below.

Step:2 Draw the Face and Hair of the Girl

in this, you have to be the face of the girl’s face and the outer part of the hair. I mean you have made its structure. After drawing inside, we will fix the girl’s full face. To make a face, first, you need to make a face with the help of lines. Then the girl’s hair has to be made and her neck will be made. After that, the girl’s hair ponytail will be drawn. Now after making the ponytail, you will have to draw its ears carefully.

Step:3 Now you have to draw Eyes of the Girl

Girl Face Sketch

So now you have to draw the parts inside the girl’s face. Which is important as soon as possible. So in this step, you have to make eyes. Which is part of the beauty of a face. To draw the eyes, you must first measure that there should be a distance of 2.8cm between the two eyes. You have to draw your eyes very carefully

Step:4 You have to draw Nose and Lips

Let me explain all the steps very well to you. I hope you understand well. In this step, I will tell you how to draw a nose and lips. You can take the help of the below-given image. And you have also been given a video tutorial below, with the help of which you can draw this drawing randomly.

Step:5 Now drawing has been complete

Girl Face Sketch

This is the last step for your drawing to be completed. In this step, you have to sketch the girl face sketch randomly. With which your drawing will be completed and you will also like it very much. You have to first sketch the girl’s nose, lips, and eyes thoroughly. Then you have to sketch his neck, hair, and ears with cleanliness. Your sketch drawing will be completed. I think you will like this sketch too.

Watch the Video of Girl Face Sketch