girl with school bag drawing | pencil sketch

A girl with school bag step by step full tutorial. I hope you like this amazing pencil sketch. If you want to draw this Girl backside drawing you have to read all the steps of this drawing and watch the video tutorial also.

Step:1 Draw Guidelines

girl with school bag

So here is the first step for this drawing first off all you have to make some rough shapes which will help you to make the entire drawing. So first shape which we are going to draw here a small circle for the face structure of the girl after that we will draw some vertical and horizontal lines as shown in the image attached to this step.

Step:2 Draw Braid of Girl

girl with school bag

So here is the second step guys in the earlier step we drew some guidelines in this step you have to draw the braids of the girl they are as easy to draw. Just have at look at the picture attached to this step and start drawing the braids. Draw the bow also and the earings and rubber band.

Step:3 Draw Bag

girl with school bag

So here is the third step to draw this beautiful “girl with school bag” drawing. In the previous step we drew the braids in this we have to draw the school bag of the girl so she is carrying a small school bag as you can see above in the picture so to make this bag you have to first make two pockets on the front of the bag and then the main chain just look at the picture and draw.

Step:4 Now you have to draw the Hand and Coffee Glass

girl with school bag

So guys here is the fourth step to make this drawing in this step you have to draw forst of all you will draw the left hand of the girl folded towards upside and then you will handle her a glass of coffee with the straw and make the pockets on her left side of the jeans and draw the spectacles coming outside of the pocket.

Step:5 Girl with school bag drawing is Completed

girl with school bag

So guys here is the fifth and tha last step of the drawing in this step you have to first of all earse all the guidelines and extra lines which were drawn by you earlier after that you will outline the drawing by a black sketch pen. And after outlining shade the girl’s braid and her top, jeans and drink make designs on her top and after you have shaded the drawing your sketch is ready to be displayed.

I hope you guys enjoyed while drawing the sketch.

Click here to watch the full video