Guru Randhawa Drawing-Step by Step GuruRandhawa

Hello, Friends, Everyone is welcome in today’s blog post. Today you will see Guru Randhawa drawing in this post. You must have heard these names of Guru Randhawa, especially our Indian brothers have heard of it. Because of Guru Randhawa is an Indian Punjabi singer.

Panda Drawing-Step by Step

which is a very famous singer, you will give me the information in the last about it. In this post, you will be given a lot of information about this drawing as to how to draw this. And what material used in this drawing. I will also give you a video tutorial in the end so that you don’t can get any trouble in making this drawing. Now you have to read this article from the beginning to the end so that you can understand. So let’s start friends.

How to draw Guru Randhawa

Guru Randhawa drawing

Required Materials: Artline pencil, sketching pencil, Apsara glass marking, white gel pen, Eyes blending bruh, Bianyo A4 size, sketchbook, Kneadable eraser, Fixative spray. Guru Randhawa’s Drawing is very amazing.

This drawing is so spectacular in appearance, but it took too long to create this Guru Randhawa drawing. To make this drawing, first, you have to do the outline with a pencil that too in the shape of the face of Guru Randhawa. After making the outline, Guru’s hair too has to draw a shape, for that also you have to use HB pencil. Now after this you have to do shade in the hair from the dark shading pencil. Shading you in hair is very perfect. As you see the shading of hair in the image, you have to do shade in it. Now after this you have to do shade in the side hair, you also have to use dark shading pencil to do the shading.

Now you have to draw the shape of its glasses. After making a shape, you have to do a lot of dark shading in it because this shadow is of black colour, so in black colour, we will have to do dark shading with a dark shading pencil. Use the eraser to give shine in the glasses. You will find it after seeing in the video. I have also given you a video tutorial of this drawing in the bottom below. If you can not understand anything then you can work and watch the video.

After creating the glasses, you have to draw his nose. You can see the method of drawing the nose by clicking on it. And now you have to draw a beard.

Watch in the following video


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