Holi Festival Drawing With Pencil Colour | Holi Special Artwork

Holi festival drawing with pencil color. So, friends, you all know that today is Holi Festival and I am publishing this Holi festival drawing post for the second time, hope you all will like this post. In this drawing, you will be able to see what objects have been drawn. The image of this drawing has a bucket and it has a Water Gun and Happy Holi is written in this drawing. Hope you all like this drawing very much. Pencil colors are used in this drawing as written in the title of this article. If you are finding it difficult to make this drawing.

Then there is nothing to worry about because it has given some steps. In which some basic points are given about this drawing and there is also a video tutorial of this drawing. Which you can see by looking at it Can make this drawing easily.


Drawing Image

holi festival drawing

So, friends, this is the image of this drawing, by seeing which you can understand how this drawing will be made. By the way, below are some steps. With the help of which you will be able to understand how to make this drawing. The rest, if you feel something is lacking in this article. Then you can tell us by commenting or going to the contact us page and messaging us.

Step:1 Friends, to make this drawing, first of all, you should have the material that is used to make this drawing. You will find information about the material in the video tutorial of this drawing. So you have to draw the bucket in the beginning and draw the water gun that is in it. To draw the bucket you first have to draw the structure of the bucket in a proper way. Do not make any mistake in Holi Festival drawing the shape because if there is any problem with the shape, then the beauty of the whole drawing will be spoiled.

Step:2 Now we have to draw the design on the bucket, in which you do not have to make any mistake. After that, we have to write Holi which is shown in the video tutorial, after writing Holi. Above we have to write Happy in small size. Hope you understand.

Step:3 So friends, now we have to bold some alphabets. After that, there are some decorations in it that we have to draw. In the last, we have to fill the color in this Holi Festival drawing which will be read in our title also.

Watch the Video of Festival Drawing