Horse Pencil Sketch | Horse Drawing in Just Three Steps

Horse Pencil Sketch, Hello friends, welcome to my blog post again. I hope you all would have liked my previous blog post. Keeping your choice in mind, I bring something new every time. Likewise today, I have some new friends. A new drawing has come for you today, which you will like very much. Today I have brought a drawing of a horse for you. I hope you will definitely like this post. You all will keep supporting me like this. So that I will continue to share with you the way to make such a new drawing in an easy way.

Horse Pencil Sketch

So in this blog post, you have to make a pencil sketch drawing of the horse. It is very easy to draw a horse. So in this blog post, you have to do a pencil sketch drawing of a horse. It is very easy to pull a horse. You will have made many horse pictures in your childhoods well. Then you will understand this drawing quickly and easily. I will explain this post to you with instructions like all posts.

Step:1 First Draw the structure of the Horse

Horse Pencil Sketch

Friends, you have to set the structure of the horse to make a pencil sketch. For which you will first have to male an oval of two circles and a little bit of in the middle of the circle. And have to draw for a circle head. And after drawing a small circle for the face, give a joint to the head and face circle. After that, give the head circle a joint for the neck from the first circle made in the starting. Further: create a structure for both legs. Then, by shaping with the help of the circle and oval of the starting, make the horse’s waist and stomach from the well. And you will have to fix the structure of the rear legs, the tail, and the hair of the head of the horse. You have to prepare this structure properly. Because your entire sketch depends on the structure itself.

Step:2 You have to draw Horse

So friends, now you have been told this step, the whole horse has to be made with the help of the structure of the horse. First of all, you have to draw the ears of the horse. After that, the nose and the mouth have to be complied to make the whole face made up of it. Then the eyes will have to be made by making the hair in the right shape. Now you have to make the front legs completely right. And you have to draw the right lines on the stomach. Then, make both the legs behind, make the tail even better. With this, your horse will be made. To complete this drawing, you have to read the next step carefully.

Step:3 Now your sketch has been completed

Horse Pencil Sketch

This is your last step, properly shade the horse made in this stage. After shading, this pencil sketch of your horse will be completed. First of all, you have to complete sketching of hair while sketching the face of the horse. After the face, you will have to shade the front legs, stomach, back legs, and tail well. The process with which you have created a horse in your second step, by this process you have to shade the entire sketch. You have also been given step images and video tutorials to fix this sketch. With whose help you will be able to prepare this sketch very well. I hope you have liked this sketch.

Watch the video of the Horse Pencil Sketch