How to Draw a Fish Step by Step #Fish #Drawing

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How to draw Fish

how to draw a Fish

Material Required: HB Pencil, Black Pencil Colour & Black Ball Pen for outline & Blue Pencil Colour.

Friends, you can make this drawing very well with the material of this drawing. this fish is very easy to draw, So friends, I hope you all have understood everything till here, Friends, I want you to read this article before watching the video so that you can know some basic points before making this drawing about this fish drawing. First, you have to draw the shape of this fish with an HB pencil.

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After drawing its shape, you have to draw its eye, You will need a black Pencil colour to draw the eye. You can see how to draw your eye in the video below. Then you have to Shading Fish. Friends, I will not tell you much in this drawing. You can then see it in the video given below, how to make this drawing.

Watch in the following video


Friends, I have provided this video tutorial for you so that you can watch this video and you can make this drawing without any problems. How to draw a Fish Very Easy to draw.

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