How to Draw a Fox Step by Step | Pencil Drawing

Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post. Today’s article is related to our sketch drawing. I hope you can understand my point. It is very easy to make this drawing, if you follow my given steps, you will be able to make this drawing very easily. Today’s article, I have provided for you Fox drawing in this article, in which you will be explained how to draw a fox step by step. Friends, this (How to Draw a Fox)drawing is very simple, you do not have to do much in it. Just follow my given steps and I have also provided a video tutorial of this drawing Below. Which is most important to make the drawing. If you want that you can make this drawing, then you will have to read and understand this article so that you can make this drawing very well.

How to draw a Fox

Before making this drawing, please see the steps given below so that there is no confusion while drawing.

Step:1 Draw two Circles

How to draw a Fox

Friends, to make this drawing, first of all, you have to draw two circles, keep the left circle larger and the right circle smaller. In the first step, you have to draw very light circles with a pencil, you do not have to run very dark pencils, you have to draw circles with a pencil in a very soft way. You have to keep a slight gap in the two circles you have to draw. You don’t have to draw perfect circles at all. I hope you guys have understood by this point.

Step:2 Draw third circle in left to draw fox

Now you have to draw the third circle which is to draw in the left. This circle will guide Fox’s head. After drawing the circle, you have to draw two intersecting lines inside the circle. Friends, it is very easy to make this drawing, but you have to understand a little bit so that you will be easy to make this drawing.

Step:3 Draw Four Curved Lines

Friends, now you have to draw four curved lines, which you can clearly see in the image of this drawing. The lines we’ve drawn will guide Fox’s Legs. I am expelling you everything in turn so that you do not have any confusion related to this drawing. Friends, you have to do a little bit to make this drawing. Because you will be able to make this drawing easily but when you will be able to make it when you will watch the video of this drawing carefully and read this article well.

Step:4 Draw two Triangle as Guide For The Ears

So guys, now you have to draw two small triangles above the head of Fox which will guide its ears. Hope you all understand my words. If you have understood this point, then read the next paragraph, it will let you know how we will make a further drawing.

Step:5 Draw a Line to the joint body of a fox

Friends, now you have to draw lines, which will also connect both circles which means Fox’s body will also add them. Draw a series of lines that connect the major shapes to form the body, Now in this drawing, we draw lines that are called initial sketch and then we will sketch in the Fox Drawing. You have to draw a single line in the last which will be the tail of Fox.

Step:6 Draw Face Parts of the fox With the Help of Intersecting Lines


Friends, now you have to draw parts of its face with the help of intersecting lines, this task has become very easy for you because we had already done placement in it by drawing intersecting lines. First of all, we have to draw its eyes, whose shape will be like a ball and inside that, you have to draw a small circle. After drawing its eyes, you have to draw two curved lines on the bottom side, with which we will draw its nose. I hope you guys understand this step.

Step:7 Drawing has been made

So friends, now this drawing has been completed completely and I hope you all will understand all the steps very well. Companions, first you need to delete its rules before conceal it. You need to delete them cautiously on the grounds that different lines are secured, they ought not to be eradicated. From that point forward, you need to do persistent concealing in it. So companions, in this article, you can see this video of this attracting the instructional exercise.

Watch in the following video


A huge segment of the tips for making this youngster fox drawing(How to draw a Fox) I have given to all of you and you can watch the video of this drawing from the instructional activities in case you need it. In case you have to make this drawing in and you have to make this pulling in a comparable course as you are finding in this given picture. By then, you have to examine this article circumspectly and the video instructional exercise of this (How to draw a Fox)drawing is positively See.

Consequently, associates, this is a video instructional exercise of this drawing. Which is basic for you to watch on the off chance that you make this drawing. In addition, on the off chance that you are watching this article just for amusement, it isn’t noteworthy for them to comprehend.

Along these lines, associates, this is a video instructional exercise of this drawing. If you don’t perceive any clarifications behind this article. by then you can comment by commenting or you can message me on the partner with us page of my blog. As necessities seem to be, individuals, this is a video instructional exercise of this young lady face drawing. which I was illuminating you as for quite a while. I see that you have seen each and every point in this article. I trust you regarding the experience of this article really. In like manner, endeavour to permit the notification of our blog so every most recent drawing post interfaces with you first.

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