How to draw a Girl Step by Step #Girl #drawing

Hello friends, today’s welcome to you all in the blog post. In the blog post today, the article I have written for you is very great. And I would hope that all of you would like this article. Today in this blog post I will read the article How to Draw a Cute Girl Step by Step.

In this post, I’ll explain to you how to Draw this drawing. And what material will be used in it. So friends, If you want to understand how to draw this drawing will be formed, then you can read this article in a manner that starts from the beginning to the end. So friends Let’s Start.

How to Draw a girl

How to draw a girl

Material required: Doms Pencil.

Friends, you can just draw this drawing with this pencil very easily, hope you can make this drawing. I have given you a video tutorial of this drawing so that any confusion or problem related to this drawing is available, you can remove your problem by looking at this video and easily make this drawing.

Friends, before you can see the video tutorial of this drawing, you must read some of the points I gave you so that you can get even more easily in this drawing, Friends, I will try to understand this article for you as much as possible, so I am explaining this article by expanding. Friends, first you have to draw this girl’s hair in this drawing as given in the video. After that, you should draw part of the girl’s face such as its eye nose and ears, You can see how to draw its face part in its video.

How to Shade an Eye Step by Step #eye #shading

Now the work is left of the shading. I also tell You how to do the shading in This How to draw a Girl Face. Where there is a dark area in this drawing, you have to shade it with a 4B pencil and where the light area is, you have to shade it with a 2B pencil.

Full Video Tutorial


So friends have given this video to you so that if you are having difficulty understanding the article then you can make this drawing by watching this video(How to draw a Girl).

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