How to Draw a Horse Easy For Beginners Step by Step

Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post. So friends, by seeing the title and thumbnail of this blog post, must have understood that which drawing has been provided in it. So still I tell you that in this article, horse drawing is provided, in which it will be explained How to draw a horse easy. Very easy ways have been explaining to make this drawing. I hope you like this blog post very much. To make this drawing, I have also provided a stepwise method in this article. If you want you can make this drawing in a good way. Then you read this article well and read all the steps in a manner.

How to draw a Horse Easy Step by Step

Read all the steps below to make a horse drawing. So that you can make this drawing easily without any problem.

Step:1 Draw two Circle

how to draw a Horse easy

Friends, to make this drawing, first you have to draw two medium-size circles. These two circles are made to represent his body. Drawing will be made very easily if you read and understand each of the steps. I hope all of you have understood this first step and if you want you can make a drawing like this, then read and understand all the steps below.

Step:2 Draw Small Circle in Left Side

So friends, now you have to draw a small circle in this drawing on the left which will show the head of the horse. All things are being understood as step steps, I hope you will be able to understand. Friends, it is very important that you must understand this post first to make this drawing properly.

Step:3 Draw Line to do the shape of the leg

How to draw a horse easy

So friends, now you have to draw the line which will help you draw its feet. I want you to try this drawing once so that people can learn something from my blog.

Step:4 Draw Face of Horse

So friends, now you have to draw the face of the horse, which is very important. If you draw its face well then the drawing will look very attractive.

Step:5 Draw Legs and Tail of Horse

How to draw a horse easy

So friends, now you have to draw the legs and tail of this horse. Very easily you can make this drawing. In starting, you have to make this drawing with a light pencil so that the pencil marks are not left after any mistake is erased.

Step:6 Now Horse Drawing has been Made

How to draw a horse easy

So friends, now this drawing is completely done. Now we have to sketch it which can be very difficult for many people. So sketching is not such a difficult task, yet I tell you that to sketch you need to have a sketch pencil-like 4B 6B and 8B with the help of these pencils, you can make this drawing very easy.

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