how to draw a house Step by Step for beginners

Hello, Friends, Everyone is welcome in today’s blog post. For those who are just beginners today, I have written this article. So today I will tell you how to draw a house. I have also given you a video tutorial of this drawing below if you want to make this drawing by watching that video.

Guru Randhawa Drawing-Step by Step GuruRandhawa

Well, I will tell you some important points in this post. Before you watch the video, carefully read these points so that you do not have any conformities. This article is to be read in the manner from the beginning to the last so that you do not have any difficulty in making this drawing and you can draw it perfectly. So friends let’s start.

How to draw a House

how to draw a house

Required Materials: 4B Pencil, Black Pen & Grey Marker Pen.

With the help of all these materials, you can make this drawing with a very good line.

I want to tell you some points of this drawing with the help of which you will be able to make this drawing very well. First, you have to draw the structure of this house. To draw the structure of the house, you will need a simple pencil so that we outline. After that, you have to draw all the windows of the house and the gate, for this, I have given you the video tutorial below so that you can see how to create their windows and gate.

After that, you have to do the shading in the shading so you have to do a lot of proforma. If the pencil goes out while shading then the drawing will not look like you would have thought in your mind. Now look at this photo before making a drawing, watch this video tutorial so that you do not make any mistake in making the drawing. You will be explained in stepwise to make the drawing in the video so that your drawing becomes very beautiful.

Watch in the following video


You can create your drawing by looking in this video so I am providing this video tutorial. You must share this video so that more and more people can see such great information and share this article too. So, guys, I hope you enjoyed this article. You must tell me by commenting on how it looks like this article. What type of article do you want from me in the next post. so that in the same way I will be writing regular articles for you. Do not forget to allow notifications after coming to my website so that you can access the latest updates and you can enjoy every post you upload. So friends thank you very much See you in the next post.