How to Draw a Lizard Step by Step #lizard

Hello, Friends, Everyone is welcome in today’s blog post. Today in this blog post I will tell you how to draw a lizard step by step. Lizard is very easy to draw.

I hope guys you like this post very much of today. Friends, there was no special importance in writing about this drawing, but I had nothing else to write. I thought you should write an article about some different drawings for me, and then I thought about drawing the lizard completely.

Only then have I done this article for you guys. Well, the video tutorial of this drawing has been provided you below and you do not need any special video to watch, because you will also find photos in the video I have added photos of this video in my article. So friends. Friends If you read this article from the beginning to the last, then you will understand this he related things with this drawing.

How to Draw a Bird Step by Step #Bird #drawing

How to draw a Lizard

Materials: HB Pencil, A4 Sheet & Eraser

To make this drawing, first of all, read the steps below.

Step:1 Start Draw with Oval and crooked Oval

how to draw a lizard

Friends, to make this lizard, first you have to draw these shapes in a manner. I hope you all have understood everything here, You can go next step and read.

Step:2 Draw its leg Outlines

How to Draw a Lizard Step by Step #lizard

Now you have to draw outlines of its foot. it is very easy to draw. Friends, I am explaining why you have so much expanded so that you do not get too late to understand this article and you can easily draw it.

Step:3 Draw its long Tail outline

How to Draw a Lizard Step by Step #lizard

Now you have to draw outline asking for it. When drawing this outline, you have to pay a lot of attention to it that the outline that you want to draw is drawn in exactly the same way as you have given it in this image.

Step:4 Draw outlines around the shape of this Lizard

how to draw a lizard

Now you have to draw an outline in the shape of this lizard, in its shape, you must carefully draw this thing so that this drawing does not diminish.

Step:5 Now draw its face part

How to Draw a Lizard Step by Step #lizard

Friends, now you have to draw part of its face such as eye-ears & nose mouth, Draw all these parts very wisely as if you have been drawn into this image, hopefully, you will understand everything.

Step:6 Draw its middle area

How to Draw a Lizard Step by Step #lizard

Now you have to draw a Middle part in this Lizard. I hope you understand everything here.

Step:7 Now Our drawing is done

how to draw a lizard

How to draw a lizard full video


Friends, I have provided this video tutorial for you so that you can watch this video and you can make this drawing without any problems. How to draw a Bird Very Easy to draw.

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