How to Draw a Unicorn | Step by Step #unicorn

Hello, friends Welcome to today’s blog post. Well, today I was not in the mind to write an article, I am sitting on the seams, when I thought why not write an article, suddenly I started researching for the best article for today blog post. I read a post on how to draw a unicorn for you. Well, this post is especially for kids, Because in this post draw is very easy to draw for kids. And in this post, I have given a few steps below which you can draw this drawing very easily by reading. So friends must read this article from the beginning to the end so that you do not miss a single point of this blog post.


How to draw a Unicorn

First, you have to follow/read given steps below to draw this Unicorn

Step:1 First you draw Unicron’s Nose

how to draw a unicorn

Friends, first you have to start with his nose. First, you have to draw its nose. unicorn’s nose is very easy to draw. Friends, I hope you understand everything. Let’s go in the next step.

Step:2  Draw this close Eye

Now after that, you have to draw its closed eye. As you have given in this image, you have to draw. Below is a video tutorial of this drawing given to you so that you can draw it by looking at this drawing.

Step:3 Now draw Its Ears(How to draw a Unicorn)

how to draw a unicorn

Now you have to draw its ear. It’s easy to draw the ear. You have to draw the hair which is above the ear. Friends, if you have come to understand here then you can go to the next step.

Step:4 Now you have to draw its hair

how to draw a unicorn

Friends, now you have to draw its hair, It’s very simple and easy to draw.

Step:5 Now our drawing is the complete(how to draw a unicorn)


Now you have to draw Unicorn horn magic, it’s very easy and simple. And watch the video below.

Watch video Unicorn  drawing


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