How to Draw a Waterfall | Painting For Beginners Full Tutorial

Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post. Today in this blog post I have provided waterfall drawing for all of you. In which I have explained how to draw a Waterfall. I hope all of you can make this drawing easily. You will need some material to make this drawing. Which is also mentioned in this article and if you want. you can go to the video tutorial of this drawing by going to the description. By the way, for all of you, I have already provided the video tutorial of this drawing, which is very important. If you want to make this drawing, then read this article from beginning to end and definitely read the video tutorial.

Let’s Talk About Waterfall Drawing

So friends, I hope you have seen in the title and thumbnail of this blog post that waterfall drawing has been provided in this blog post. Hope you all like this article and drawing very much. Friends, some steps have been given for this drawing. Which is very important for all of you, whoever wants to make this drawing.

Material Used in this Drawing

So friends the material is given below.

Stretched canvas, Canvas board that I Often use, Acrylic Painting Paper, Round Brush Set, Flat Brush Set, Acrylic Colours used in this painting are from liquitex and Camlin brand you can use also try these, Stencil Brushes, Make up brush (Small), Make up brush (large), Colour Palette, Small Table Top Easel, Table Top EASEL Box, ADVANCE ART MATERIALS 🎨 Camlin tube acrylic colours, Fine Detailing Brush kit, Mop Brush, Gesso, Zippered Brush Kit, Large Flat Brush, Fan Brush Kit, Artist Kidney Shape Palette, Pallete Knife (Plastic), Pallete Knife (Metal), Varnish that I use, Varnish Spray, Acrylic Medium Gloss, Studio EASEL stand.

Waterfall Drawing Image

how to draw a waterfall

So friends, This is the image of this drawing. In the image of drawing you have to see the full things in this image of this drawing. You have to see the full steps in the video tutorial of this drawing. I dont’t provide the steps of this drawing because the video tutorial is provided in this tutorial.

Watch the Video of (How to draw a Waterfall)

So friends, This is the video tutorial of this drawing. I hope you like this video tutorial and blog post of this drawing.

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