How to Draw Eyes Step by Step #Eyes #Drawing

Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post. This article is related to sketching drawing, friends, I have provided eye-drawing for you. In which I will explain how to draw eyes step by step on paper. Friends, this drawing is very fantastic that you will like it very much.

Hope you like this article very much. By the way, I have provided you with the video tutorial of this drawing below so that you can make this drawing very easily without any problem. If you want to know the right way to make this drawing, then you must read this article from the beginning to the end and do not forget to watch the video tutorial of this drawing.

How to Draw Eyes

how to draw eyes

Material Used: Doms Pencil(Zoom Ultimate Dark).

So friends, you only need this pencil, hope to make this drawing, you will make this drawing well. Friends, now let us start with how this drawing has been made because it is important for you to know why if you make this drawing, then how do you make this drawing?

Friends, to make this drawing, you have to draw the eye lens. The lens has to be made completely round. First of all, you have to draw a circle, it depends on you that according to how big size you give the eye, you have to draw a circle. After that, you have to draw another small circle inside it. Then you have to draw the shape of the eye on it, which you can see in the video tutorial if you do not understand what is written. Now you have to shade in small circles. Now the work you have done is left with shedding, now you have to shade.

The Shade you have to do carefully. Because most of the people who are in the same mistake make shade, so see the method of shade in the video tutorial. In the video tutorial of this drawing, you have been given a very easy and great way to shade, and you will see that it is very easy to make this drawing.

Watch the Full Video tutorial


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