How to Draw Hulk | Full Pencil Sketch of Hulk

How to draw Hulk, Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post. In today’s blog post, I have provided Hulk Drawing for all of you. This drawing can be made very easily, according to the way the method is shown in this tutorial. Mostly we only provide sketch drawings in our blogs. Hope you all like this type of drawing. If you are liking this type of drawings tutorial, then whatever you see in our post, then definitely share it and tell us by commenting what kind of drawing you want in the next blog post. To make this drawing we have mainly provided some steps and a video tutorial.

If you want to make this drawing then read this article thoroughly and definitely watch the video tutorial given below.

How to Draw Hulk Sketch

Friends, whatever material will be required to make this drawing, all of you will get to know in the video tutorial of this drawing. Some steps of this drawing are given below, it is necessary to read them if you want to know how to make this drawing.

Step:1 First you have to Draw a Circle

how to draw hulk

So, friends, we have to start making this drawing. First of all, to make this drawing, we have to draw a medium-sized circle. To draw circles, you can use any equipment, if you can draw circles without equipment, then it is a good thing. If you have understood till here then definitely read all the next steps.

Step:2 Draw Intersect Guidelines and Shape of Eyes and Nose

How to Draw Hulk | Full Pencil Sketch of Hulk

So friends, now you have to draw some guidelines, with the help of which you will find the location of Hulk’s eyes and nose and it will also help in drawing their shape. If you don’t understand step by step here you can watch a video tutorial of this drawing.

Step:3 Draw Lips and Lines Around Face of Hulk

how to draw hulk

So friends, now we have to draw Hulk’s lips as you can see in the image of this step. After drawing Hulk’s lips, we have to draw vertical lines on both sides of Hulk’s face. Hope you understand everything by now.

Step:4 Erase Guidelines and Draw Ears(How to draw Hulk)

How to Draw Hulk | Full Pencil Sketch of Hulk

Now we have to erase the guidelines that we made before drawing this Hulk’s face. The guidelines were made only because of drawing the face, else it had no other work. After that, we have to draw Hulk’s shoulders and traps. Very easily you can make this drawing if you read all the given steps carefully.

Step:5 Hulk drawing has been made

how to draw hulk

So friends, now you can see this drawing that this drawing is completely done. To make this drawing completely, we have sketched the last, which is the most important in this drawing. If you don’t know how to sketch then you can watch this drawing video tutorial.

Watch the Video of Hulk Drawing(How to draw Hulk)