How to Draw Iron Man Step by Step #IronMan

Hello, friends, All of you are welcome in today’s blog post(How to draw Iron Man). Today I have provided a drawing of Iron Man in my blog(How to draw Iron Man). I hope you like this post very much. The category in this post is sketching. The main work of this drawing is to make sketching and shaping. The video tutorial of this drawing has also Provided a Video tutorial of this Iron Man drawing. If you want to know how to make this iron mind, read this article from the beginning to the end. So Friends Lets start.

How to Draw Iron man

How to draw Iron Man

Material Required: 2B & 4B Pencils.

With the help of all these materials, you can make this drawing a good. So friends need to tell you a few things to draw this. Because if you find out all these things then you can probably make this drawing well. First of all, you have to draw the shape of Iron Man’s mask It’s Very simple to draw. The way to draw shapes you can see in this drawing video tutorial. If you have drawn the shape, now you have to draw the design of its face. The mask is where you can draw it from where you got the hole for the eye and the moha, you can see it in this image. Now the work is left of the shading. I also tell You how to do the shading in This Iron Man Mask. Where there is a dark area in this drawing, you have to shade it with a 4B pencil and where the light area is, you have to shade it with a 2B pencil.

Watch in the Following Video


So friends have given this video to you so that if you are having difficulty understanding the article then you can make this drawing by watching this video(How to draw Iron Man).

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