how to draw a kangaroo Step by Step For Beginners

Hello Friends, welcome all of you to today’s blog post. So friends, today’s blog post is similar to the rest of the posts, but the topic that I have chosen on top of that is the first time I have done it on my blog. So far all of you must have understood what will be told in this blog post, yet I tell you that in this blog post I have provided kangaroo drawing for all of you, in which I will explain to you all How to draw Kangaroo(How to draw kangaroo). Hope you all like this blog post a lot. Friends, if you are interested in making this drawing, then below is the video tutorial of this drawing, with the help of which you will make this drawing very easily.

How to Draw Kangaroo

Before making this drawing, if you read the steps given below, then you can make this drawing very easily.

Step:1 First Draw

Draw an oval as a guide for the lower some portion of the kangaroo’s body. It Doesn’t need to be an ideal shape. it’s only a guide. So friends, in this step you have been explained that we have to draw an oval shape which will not be perfect but just to show the body of the kangaroo.

Step:2 You have to draw two more circles for kangaroo

So as friends, read the headline of this step and saw its image that we have drawn two more small circles. Draw a little hover on the upper right side as a guide for the top piece of the kangaroo’s body. The circle ought to associate with a large portion of the size of the first oval and their external edges should meet. After then Draw a much littler hover on the upper side of that. Focus on the situation of the circles and they are various sizes.

Step:3 Draw Series of line

So friends, now you have to draw a series of lines, in which you have to join from its face to body with the line. Draw a little circular segment on the correct side of the head as a guide for the kangaroo’s gag. After that draw a more drawn out more slender curve over the head as a guide for the ears. Draw a progression of bent lines that associate the significant shapes to frame the body.

Step:4 Draw line for Guide Leg of Kangaroo

To begin with, you need to attract a calculated line the upper part and beneath the lower some portion of the body as aides for the arms and legs. The top lines start in the circle, at that point edges to one side when it hits the edges. The lower line just resembles the letter L. On the lower left side, Draw two bent lines that go to a point to shape the kangaroo’s long tail.

Step:5 Draw Face Parts and full Body Properly

First Draw the eye inside the upper right half of the head. The state of the eye is like a not exactly sign with a bended line on the correct side for the eyeball. Shape within the eye aside from a little hover to speak to glare. Make to the external lines thicker as well. Include a couple of strokes encompassing the eye for additional detail. Draw the nose on the tip of the underlying bend.

Step:6 Kangaroo Drawing has been made

So friends, now the last work has been left in this Kangaroo drawing(How to draw kangaroo), which is to sketch in it, with the help of which you can make this drawing even more attractive. You can see how to sketch in this drawing from the video tutorial below this drawing.

Watch in the Following Video


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