How to draw Luca | Luca Face Drawing Step by Step

Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post. In today’s blog post, I have provided Luka drawing for all of you, in which I have been told that how to draw Luca. Friends. This drawing is very easy to make. Beginners will be able to make this drawing easily. Some steps and a video tutorial for beginners are given in this article. Hope you all will like this article. To make this drawing, some material will be required, if you want to know what kind of material is needed to make this drawing. Then you can read about it by going to the description of the video tutorial of this drawing.

Friends, if you want to see this drawing by making, then you must read this article thoroughly and watch some of the given steps and video tutorials.

How to draw Luca

So friends, If you want to draw a Luca sketch, So, it’s very easy to draw. You should try this Luca drawing. I hope you draw this carefully.

Step:1 First of all You have to draw a Medium Size Circle

how to draw luca

So guys now we have to start making this drawing. To make this drawing, first, we have to draw a medium-size circle. You may need equipment to draw circles. If you are able to draw this circle without equipment then you can draw this circle without any tools.

Step:2 Now you have to draw Some Guidelines to draw Luca’s face

So friends now we have to draw some intersect guidelines to draw Luca’s face. It is very important to draw these intersecting lines because with the help of these lines we will be able to draw instead of parts of its face. hope you understand this.

Step:3 Now draw the face parts of Luca

how to draw luca

Now we have to draw the parts of Luca’s face with the help of Intersect guidelines. First of all we have to draw the eyes of luca, after that we have to draw its eyebrows. In the last we have to draw its nose and its mouth, hope you all will also be able to make this drawing in this way.

Step:4 Draw Hairs and Ears of Luca

So friends, this is the fourth step of this drawing. In this step we have to draw luca’s hair. Immediately after drawing the hair you have to draw its ears. I hope you have understood everything by now.

Step:5 Luca Drawing has been made

how to draw luca

So friends, this is the fifth and last step of this drawing, in this step we have to sketch on the face of luca. Before sketching, we have to highlight the parts of luca’s face with dark pencil, after that we have to sketch properly on its face. I hope you all liked this article. Don’t forget to watch this drawing video tutorial

Watch the Video of Luca Drawing