How to draw Marshmello-Step by Step

Hello friends how are you all I hope you will be good. Welcome to today’s blog post. I hope you like this blog post. Today in your blog post has provided Marshmello Drawing for you Hope you like this post. I will explain in this post How to draw Marshmello. In this post, I will tell you how to draw Marshmello and what material used in this drawing. In this post, you have also got a video tutorial available. So that you can make this drawing very easily. If you want to know how to make this drawing, read this post from the beginning to the last and read and stay with us. I hope you like this post too, let’s start friends.

To make this drawing you will first need a black sketch.

How to Draw Marshmello

To make this drawing you have to follow 7 steps below.

Step:1 Start with a curved line

how to draw marshmello


In order to make this drawing, first, we have to draw a curved line from the inner side. The curved line is exactly the same as I have provided for you in the image of this drawing. You just have to read carefully the steps given to me and look at the image carefully, after which your drawing will be absolutely perfect.

Step:2 Draw Eye of Marshmello


After that, you have to draw Marshmallo’s eye. Its eye you have to draw very carefully. Just like I have been promoted in the image of my blog website, you have to draw the eye in your drawing. Well, I have provided the video tutorial below you can go and see. If you do not have any idea in this post, then you can tell me by commenting or contact me at the contact page.

Step:3 Draw both Eye of Marshmello

how to draw marshmello


Now you have to draw Marshmello’s second eye too. This is the second one, you have to draw like you did the first draw. When drawing an eye it is very important to keep in mind that the size and shape of the two eyes should be the same. If both eyes have a slightly different draw then Marshmello’s face will not interact.

Step:4 Draw mouth of Marshmello


Now you have to draw Marshmello’s lips. You have to take a lot of attention to this that Marshmello is smiling in this image, then you have to make her lips curved upside down. I have given this post especially for the kids, I hope you too will make this drawing very good.

Step:5 Draw full face of Marshmello


Now in our drawing Marshmallo has made a complete face draw. All you have to do in it is to create a box on around of the drawing that we had to draw, then after this, Marshmallo’s face of this drawing will be ready. You have to draw the box exactly as it is given in this image.

Step:6 Draw neck of its


Now you have to draw Marshmallo’s neck. It is very easy to draw its neck. It is easy, yet you have to draw its neck very carefully. And its size is the same as what is placed in this image, it depends on the size of your drawing according to the size of your neck.

Step:7  Draw shoulder and hand of Marshmello


Now you have to draw Marshmallo’s hand and shoulder. It is very easy to make these two. You have to take care of so many things that the size of both the shoulder and the size of both hands should be the same.

Step:8 Do Colour in Marshmello

how to draw marshmello


Now you have to Colour in this drawing, The colour of the image of this drawing is to be done in this drawing. It is important to take care of the color that color should not come out altogether or else the drawing will get spoiled.

Video tutorial


So friends, our drawing is ready. If you liked this blog post, definitely tell me by commenting. I hope you liked this post. If you have not yet allowed notifications from my website, please do. Prepare for you in the next post soon.