How to Draw Olaf Step by Step in Five Step

Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post. In this blog post, I have provided Olaf drawing for all of you. Which will explain How to draw Olaf. It is very easy to make this drawing and in this also I have provided a stepwise method for all of you, which you will find very easy to understand. In this way, daily blog posts will be published, you will support our blog, share well. By the way, you can understand the steps given in this post very easily, but if you understand some problem, then you can message me through my blog. Read and understand this blog post to know how to make this drawing.

How to draw olaf

To make this drawing, first of all you read the steps below and understand in a manner.

Step:1 First You Draw Eyes of Olaf

how to draw olaf

To draw Olaf, you must first draw its eyes. It’s very easy to draw eyes. Friends, it is very easy to draw its eyes, you will be able to see in the image. I want you to try this drawing once. Friends, one thing has to be very careful that while drawing the eyes, you have to keep its black point in the center of the circle.

Step:2 Draw Nose and Mouth of Olaf

Now you have to draw its nose and mouth. It is also very easy to draw. By the way, this drawing is specially provided for children but anyone can make it because it is very easy to make this drawing. I hope you have understood by this point.

Step:3 Draw Shape of Face

So friends, now you have to draw the shape of its face. You have to draw the shape of its face very carefully because if the shape is not able to draw well then this drawing will not look so attractive as you can see in the image.

Step:4 Draw Body of Olaf

how to draw olaf

So guys, now you have to draw the body below it. And the rest you will see some wood above its head, you have to draw. It is very easy to draw its body, you will be able to see in the given image.

Step:5 Now Our Drawing is Done

how to draw olaf

So friends, our last job is to draw hands and feet. You don’t have to do much in this, just draw, then you have to sketch a little bit in it. Friends, you have been told to make this drawing very easy in this article. You keep visiting our blog in this way, you will find new blog posts on our blog daily.