How to Draw Penguin For Beginners Step by Step

Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post. So guys, in today’s blog post I have provided penguin drawing for all of you. In which I will explain how to draw a penguin. I have provided a stepwise method for all of you to make this drawing. Whatever material is required to make this drawing. You will find out in the next paragraph below. You just have to do some hard work to make this drawing and then this penguin will be made very easily. so very soon you can make this drawing, too without any problem. Coincidentally, to make this drawing simpler.


So friends, if you want to make this drawing, then read this blog post from top to end and understand the steps given.


How to draw Penguin


So friends, if you read the steps given below before making this drawing. then you will be able to make this drawing well.


Step:1 How to Draw Penguin


How to draw penguin


So friends, as you have now seen in the image of this first step. We have to draw three different sizes of circles in this drawing first. With the help of the small circle above, we will draw the head of the penguin. From the middle circle, we will draw the shape of the stomach of the penguin, instead, we will draw its body parts. So, friends, we drew circles so that we could shape the body of this penguin.


Step:2 Draw cone-shaped in front of the small circle.


How to Draw Penguin For Beginners Step by Step


So friends, now we have to draw a shape like a cone. You will be able to draw this shape in a very easy way. We are drawing this cone so that we can draw the penguin’s beak. To make this penguin drawing you have to understand each step.


Step:3 Draw Lines to join Penguin Body


How to draw penguin


So friends, now you have to draw some guidelines with which you will be able to draw this penguin very easily. After drawing the guidelines, you have to draw the shape of its arms and legs. I hope you understand everything by here.


Step:4 Draw Penguin’s Eyes and Beak


How to draw penguin


Friends, now you have to draw face parts of penguin like its eye and beak. First of all, you have to draw its eye, which will be very easily drawn. After that you have to draw a beak.


Step:5 Erase Initial Guidelines


How to Draw Penguin For Beginners Step by Step


So friends, now you have to erase the guidelines that we drew to make this drawing. By the way, while trying to erase the guidelines, no necessary line gets erased and if the erase gets erased then you draw again.


Step:6 Now you have to sketch


how to draw penguin


So friends, in this last step, we have to do sketching. You can do sketching very easily by looking in this image. We just drew this drawing with a lead pencil. I hope you like this article very much.

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