How to Draw Pennywise Step by Step #Pennywise

Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post. By seeing the title and thumbnail of today’s blog post. You must have understood that which drawing has been provided in this post. Let me know what has been given in this article. But in this blog post, I tell you, I have provided a pennywise drawing for all of you, which has been explained How to draw Pennywise. You can make this drawing very easily. Because it is very easy to create this drawing but still. I have provided a video tutorial of this drawing for all of you so that you can make this drawing even more easily.

Friends, if you want that you can make this drawing like you are able to see this drawing in this article. Then you have read this article well and definitely watch the video tutorial of this drawing.

How to Draw Pennywise

To make this drawing, it is most important that you first read the steps given below.

Step:1 First Draw the Eyes of Pennywise

Friends, first you have to draw its eye. It is very important that you make this drawing carefully. By the way, to make this drawing you only need a marker. If you made even a small mistake while making this drawing, you will have to make this drawing again. Therefore, if I tell you the best way to make this drawing, then you have to first draw this drawing with HB pencil, after that when this drawing is made completely, then you have to outline with the marker on this drawing.

Step:2 Now You have to draw Nose

So friends, now you have to draw its nose which is very easy to draw. It will take you only a little time to draw its nose. This article has been explained stepwise so that you all can understand in a manner how to make this drawing. I hope you all have understood everything here, so you must read all the next steps.

Step:3 Draw the Lips of Pennywise

So friends, now you have to draw its lips, inside which you will be able to see its teeth too. It is very important that you draw everything in this drawing so that there is no shortage after making the drawing. This is a very simple drawing. Maybe after watching this drawing, you might be thinking that it might be difficult to make this drawing if you think that you are totally wrong because when you see the video tutorial of this drawing it will be very easy this drawing.

Step:4 Draw Face and Ear

Now our task is to draw the shape of the face of pennywise in this drawing. When you draw the shape of its face, you have to draw its ears. Friends, do not make any mistake in drawing the shape, otherwise the drawing will not be as attractive as it should be.

Step:5 Now Our Drawing is done

Now, this drawing has been completed. Our last task in this was to draw its hair and its collar. This is most important in this drawing (How to draw pennywise) because it is because of these two things that this drawing looks very good. Friends, I hope you all liked this article(How to draw pennywise). If you have not yet approved the notifications of our blog, then definitely do so that after the post is published, first reach you.

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