How to Draw Peppa Pig with Single Marker | Step by Step

This drawing is especially ready for kids. Any person can make this Peppa drawing to make, but it is very easy to make this Peppa Pig drawing. So this drawing has been selected for kids. You will be told very well in this article How to draw Peppa pig. You might be thinking that there is nothing to understand in this, but if you have read this title of your article, then it is written that we will draw it with a single marker. In which you do not make any mistake while making. I do not even need to understand much in this article. You are in dire need of images and video tutorials. which is given in the last paragraph.

How to Draw Peppa Pig

If you want to make this drawing, then you must first follow the steps given below.

Step:1 First you draw this semi-circle shape

First of all, the way in which you are given to make a drawing in this image, you have to draw it in the same way as you have to draw a half-circle shape. Hope you don’t make a mistake in this basic drawing. Even if you make a mistake, there is nothing wrong in it, just don’t give up trying. Anyway, it is not so difficult to make this drawing, very soon you can finish by making this drawing if you have read these steps in your manner properly. I hope you all understand by this point.

Step:2 Draw Small Circle and joint

So friends, by seeing this image you must have understood what changes we have made in the previous image and in this image. So we just draw a small circle and add it to that semi-circle. The size of the circle you draw will be larger than the smaller circle. The larger semi-circle is drawn to show his head and the smaller circle is drawn to show his nose.

Step:3 Draw Eyeblack and Nose of Peppa Pig

Now in this step, you have to do small work, in this, you have to draw eyeblack. And draw a nose for it. This is a very small work because in this you just have to make small two dots. In this article, you have gone through all the methods and rotations so that you can make a very beautiful drawing.

Step:4 Draw Smile of Peppa Pig

Now you have to draw a smile of Peppa Pig. If you want that you can find the right way to make this drawing, then you must read this article from the beginning to the end. I hope you all understand all the points of this article. Also, draw a small circle which will be on its cheek to the left.

Step:5 Drawing is Done

So friends, now our final and very simple work is left in this drawing which is to draw its arms and legs and its dress, you have understood this much. Finally, a video tutorial of this drawing is also given, to remind you, I told you.

Watch in the following video

source-YouTube/Cartooning Club How to Draw

Along these lines, colleagues, this is a video instructional exercise of this drawing. If you don’t perceive any reasons for this article, by then you can comment by commenting or you can message me on the contact us page of my blog. Along these lines, individuals, this is a video instructional exercise of this Dog Face drawing, which I was illuminating you regarding for quite a while. I accept that you have seen each and every point in this article. I trust you savoured the experience of this article in reality. In like manner, attempt to permit the notification of our blog so every most recent drawing post connects with you first.

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