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Hello, guys welcome you all to today’s popcorn(How to draw Popcorn) drawing. By the way, all of you must have seen the title and thumbnail of this article. I have explained in this article how to draw Popcorn in the stepwise method. You can make this drawing very easily if you read this article from beginning to end. To make this drawing you will need some material, which will be told to you all in this article. If you want to keep publishing such interesting posts on our blog in the same way, then you keep supporting our blog and share the given article more and more.


Let Us Talk About Popcorn Drawing

So friends, in this blog post today, some things will be told about this drawing which is also very important. So friends, if you think, apart from this drawing, if we make any drawing, then firstly we see the structure of the drawing. After that, we also see what material we need in this drawing. When we have the material completely ready with us then after that we prepare the drawing(How to draw Popcorn).

So friends, some people always make a mistake while making a drawing that they start making the drawing but before that. they do not know how to make the drawing. So today I want to tell you that in order to make a drawing. It is very important for us on how to start drawing. If you started the drawing, to begin with, then you can make the drawing correctly. I told you that when you make this popcorn drawing, you have to adopt the same method which is mentioned in this paragraph.

Material Used in this Popcorn Drawing

You need to utilize a dark marker to show the image better, yet it will be simpler to start drawing with a pencil so you can address it with an eraser. At that point, the lemonade is awesome, you layout it with a dark marker. At that point shading it with pencils.

So friends, below are some steps to make this drawing, which is very important for all of you. With the help of these steps, you will be able to make this drawing very easily.

Step:1 Draw the Shape of Container

how to draw popcorn

So friends, Now you have to draw the shape of the container. To draw this shape you have to use the black marker. When you draw this shape with a black marker, you have to draw a horizontal line first. After that you have to draw two lines which will be vertical but will not be straight, you can see for yourself how we have to draw those lines. I hope you understand this step. If you understand this step you have to read all the remaining step.

Step:2 Now you Have to Draw Popcorn

So friends, Now we have to draw the popcorn. To draw the popcorn first you have to draw the shape of this popcorn. I hope you understand what I want to explain in this step. Friends, I can tell you an easy way to make this drawing, with the help of which you can make this drawing without any mistake. Friends, first you have to make this drawing completely with HB pencil. You will have the advantage to draw in this way so that you will not make any mistake at all. After that, you have to colour in this drawing which is mentioned in some of the Ramanning steps given below.

Step:3 Now You have to draw eyes of this Container

how to draw popcorn

So guys, now we have to draw the eyes of this container. To draw the eye, first, you have to draw two medium-size circles. After that, you have to draw its mouth.

Step:4 Draw Lines and Write Popcorn(How to draw Popcorn)

So friends, In this step you have to draw several lines. After that, you have to write Popcorn. I hope you understand what I want to explain in this step.

Step:5 Popcorn Drawing has been made

how to draw popcorn

So friends, In the last you have to colour in this drawing. the drawing is very easy to draw. I hope you like this drawing very much.

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