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How to draw Winnie the pooh | Step by Step full Tutorial for kids

how to draw winnie the pooh:Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post. In this article, I have brought a wonderful drawing for all of you. By the way, all of you must have understood by looking at the title and thumbnail of this article. In this article, I have provided the Winnie the Pooh drawing of Winnie the pooh which is very attractive. Hope you all like this drawing. Whatever material will be needed to make this drawing, all those things will be told to you in this article. To make this drawing, I have given some steps below, which you can read and understand and make this drawing(How to draw Winnie the Pooh) very easily.


If you want to make this drawing well, then read this article from beginning to end and understand all the steps given below.

How to Draw Winnie the Pooh

To make this drawing, if you read the steps given earlier, then you will be easier to make the drawing.

Step:1 Draw Ears of Winnie the Pooh

How to draw Winnie the pooh

So friends, first of all, we have to draw its ears. Drawing its ears is very easy, all you have to do is take care of its ear shape. Black sketch has been used to make this drawing(How to draw Winnie the pooh), but if you are thinking that there may be a mistake, a drawing may have to be made again. If you want to fix the time when you make a mistake. then I have a very good way to make this drawing. The way is to make this drawing with HB pencil in the beginning. After drawing with a pencil you can outline it with a black sketch. In this way, you will benefit that if you make a mistake, you can erase this drawing from that.

Step:2 Draw Eyes and Nose

So guys, now we have to draw its eyes and nose. First of all, we have to draw its eye which is very easy for you. After that you have to draw its nose(How to draw Winnie the pooh), you will also draw its nose very easily. I hope you all have understood my point here. If all of you have understood this, then definitely read the next steps.

Step:3 Draw Hand of Winnie

So friends, now we have to draw Winnie the Pooh’s hands, You can draw its hands very easily. You will be able to see how the hand is drawn in this step image.

Step:4 Now draw the legs and Butterfly

how to draw winnie the pooh

So friends, now everyone can see in this image what we have drawn in the last. In the last, we drew its foot and then the flying butterfly. So guys, I hope you all like this article.

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