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Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post. By looking at the title and thumbnail of this post. You must have understood what I have provided for you in the post. However, I can only tell you what has been shown in this post, I have provided the Hulk drawing Easy post for you in this post, which is very easy to make. This article has been specially provided for Kids. Now I told you that this drawing is very easy to make, but still, I have provided a video tutorial of this drawing for you so that you can make this drawing more easily. Kids, if you want the way to make this drawing easily, then you must read this article from beginning to end, and do not forget to watch the video tutorial on this drawing.


How to Make a Hulk Drawing Easy

Hulk Drawing Easy

Friends, this is the image of this drawing that I have presented to you. You must have seen this drawing very amazingly. To make this drawing, you can use the black sketch, according to your own calculation, you have to make this drawing with a pencil first, then you have to outline with the black sketch.

. This will mean that you can correct your mistakes beforehand if you make it with the black sketch, then you will have to make this Hulk drawing Easy again when it is mistaken. Hope you guys understand what I say to you.

To draw this Hulk, first, you have to draw its eyes. To draw eyes you have to use an HB pencil. After that, you have to draw its nose and its Mouth. Now you have to draw the shape of its face, after drawing the shape, you have to draw its ears, then you have to draw its hair, you have to do all this together.

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After that, you have to draw its body shape, which you can see Jake in the video tutorial of this drawing. After drawing Hulk, you can color it at your own will. So friends, after this, the video of this drawing is given below, do not forget to watch the video.

Watch the video of Hulk drawing


This is the video tutorial of this drawing. Hopefully, you will see this video tutorial. If you have not understood any point related to this drawing, then you can tell us by commenting it or you can message me on the contact us page of my blog. And if you have not yet allowed our blog notifications, then do it now so that the latest updates related to the drawing reach you first.


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