Iron Man Drawing Step by Step IronMan Drawing

Hello, Friends, Everyone is welcome in today’s blog post. In this topic, I am going to tell you how to make Iron Man drawing. The category of this drawing is sketching. The main work in this drawing is sketching. I will tell you some tips on this topic. Iron Man’s Character Today I have prepared for you in this article for you.

Hope you like this post. Iron Man Drawing is very easy to draw. In this topic, I will explain how to draw Iron Man, It is very amazing. So friends, if you read this topic carefully and understand it, then you will understand how the Iron Man drawing has been built. Let’s start.

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How to draw Iron Man

Iron Man Drawing

Required Materials: 4B and 6B Pencil.

With this material, you will be able to make this drawing very easily. I will tell you some good things so that it is very easy for you to make this drawing. First, you have to draw Iron Man’s helmet shape using a 2B pencil. You can also see the method of creating a shadow in the video tutorial below, but before that, you read this step of mine. When you make a helmet shape, you have to create a light outline from the 2B pencil so that after the mistake you can easily erase it.

First, you have to draw a shape by light outlining after that you have to do the shading. To do the shading you will need a 4B pencil which is darker than 2B pencils. Now, where we have dark areas, we have to do shade with a 4B pencil And we have to use a 2B pencil on where the light area is. While shading, you have to be very careful of the fact that any shading should not be blown out, even if it is coming out, then it is to erase it with an eraser so that drawing looks good. In the next paragraph, you have been provided video tutorial so that you can make drawing better by viewing the tutorial of Iron Man drawing.

Watch in the following Video tutorial

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