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Joker Drawing For Kids | Step by Step #Joker

Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post. Today’s blog is very informative, so you have to read this article properly. By seeing the thumbnail and title of today’s blog post. You must have understood what has been provided in this article. However, let me tell you, in today’s blog post I have provided the Joker drawing. In which I will explain to you that How to draw Joker. Today’s article is very simple in which you will be explained stepwise.

And the best part is that I have provided the video tutorial of this drawing, which you can see by going in the last paragraph. If you want to make this drawing in exactly the same way in which the image of this drawing has been made. Then you read this article well and do not forget to watch the video tutorial of this drawing.

How to Make Joker Drawing

So friends, to make this drawing, first of all, you have to follow the steps given below.

Step:1 First You Have To Draw Joker’s Eye

Joker Drawing

As seen in the image of this step and read the heading, first of all, we have to draw Joker’s eyes. It is very easy to draw its eyes, to make it, you have to draw the shape of the eyes, after that you have to draw the eye black. Hope you all understand by this point.

Step:2 Now Draw the Nose of Joker


So guys, now you have to draw Joker’s nose. You can also see how to draw it in the video tutorial of this drawing. But still, I can tell you how its nose was a draw. The first is to draw the shape of its nose. After drawing the shape, you have to colour it with a black sketch in the bottom part.

Step:3 Now You Have To Draw Chin and Teeth

Joker drawing

Now you have to draw its chin and its teeth. I hope you understand all the steps. It’s very easy to draw with friends. This drawing has been explained stepwise so that you can make this drawing easily.

Step:4 Draw the Shape of Joker Face


Now in this drawing, you have to draw the shape of the joker’s face. Which you can draw very easily. Friends, if you have understood everything here, then you can read the steps below in the next paragraph.

Step:5 Drawing Ears of Joker

Joker drawing

Friends, now you have to draw its ears. You can draw very easily its ears, there is no need to tell me. But still, I can tell you to make this drawing very carefully so that you do not have to draw this drawing again.

Step:6 Draw Hair of Joker


After that, you have to draw its hair. Friends, I hope that you will easily make this drawing in one go.

Step:7 Now Joker Drawing is Done

Joker Drawing

Now our drawing is completely done, the work that we have done in the last is simply colour in its hair and its dress is drawn below which the clown is wearing.

Watch in the following video


So, guys, I hope you liked this Joker drawing article. Companions, I trust all of you would have loved this article, presently you simply need to do the exact opposite thing, that is the work that you need to permit the warning of my blog so the most recent post identified with the drawing will contact you first.

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