kakashi drawing Step by Step #Kakashi #Drawing

Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post. So guys, in this post today I will tell you that How to make Kakashi Drawing step by step on paper. I have loved this article very well for you, so I hope you will like this article very much.

I have also given you the video tutorial of this drawing below so that you can see how to make this drawing in this video and can make this drawing very easily. So friends, if you want to know how to make this drawing, then you read and understand this article from the beginning to the end.

How to Make Kakashi Drawing

To make this drawing, you will first need a black sketch and follow the steps given below.

Step:1 Draw the Shape of his Face

kakashi drawing

In this drawing, first, you have to draw the shape of its face. The shape of his face must be accurate. So that it looks very attractive after making this drawing, so we should not make any mistake in making this drawing.

Step:2 Draw his Ears

kakashi drawing Step by Step #Kakashi #Drawing

Now after that, you have to draw his ears. draw very carefully. It is easy to draw an ear, but most people make a mistake in drawing an ear, so they spoil the shape, so when you are drawing, draw it by watching the video or watching the photos of it. Kakashi drawing is very amazing.

Step:3 Now you have to Draw his Eyes

Kakashi Drawing

Now you have to draw its eyes. The way to draw eyes is very simple, just you don’t have to make any mistake because if you make a mistake then you will have to make this drawing again because we are making this drawing with the black sketch.

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(You can also do this, first, you make its drawing with pencil, after that you outline with the black sketch over the pencil and erase the pencil, what will happen that you will be able to make this drawing very well without making any mistake).

Step:4 Draw his Hairs

kakashi drawing Step by Step #Kakashi #Drawing

Now you have to draw its hairstyle, which is very simple for you to draw. Friends, I hope all of you have understood everything here. Kakashi drawing is very easy to draw.

Step:5 Complete this Kakashi Drawing

Kakashi Drawing

Friends, now our drawing has been made completely, after this you have to draw the part below it, which you can draw by looking at its given image or you can make a further drawing by looking at the video tutorial given below.

Friends, in the next paragraph, the video of the drawing is given tutorially, do not forget to watch the video.

Watch Full Video Tutorial of Kakashi Drawing


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