leopard drawing easy in 5 Steps

Leopard Drawing easy Leopard Drawing is easy step by step. Easy drawing of Leopard in 5 steps. I have provided 5 steps of this leopard drawing easy. The video tutorial link is also provided below. I hope you like this leopard drawing easily.

Step:1 Draw Three Different size of circle

leopard drawing easy

So guys here is the first step to dare this great leopard drawingeasy  Do you know that leopards are one of the five extant species in the genus Panthera, a member of the cat family.

Do you know that leopards are the smallest of the cat family, they are not picky eaters, they are also known as adaptive cats and we can also call them as ambush predators. Moving back to the step in this step we have to make the three circles as you can see above in the picture attached to this step.

Step:2 Draw Some Guidelines for the leopard body

leopard drawing easy in 5 Steps

Here is the second step to draw this Leopard drawing easy. You know that they are a good climbers in the car family they can also climb even when they are carrying heavy prey. They are renowned for their spyness, they run up to 58km/hr and they can also vault over 3m vertically and 6m horizontally.

They are also excellent swimmers. Now moving back to the step in this srep we have to make the outer body structure of the leopard as you can see in the image above.

Step:3 Draw the face and body of Leopard

leopard drawing easy

Her is the third step to make this drawing. Do you know that leopard are very elusive and secretive of the large fields? They are very very difficult to locate and trace in the wild. Leopards have large territories, they are predominantly solitary. Leopards always tend to have two or three cubs per gestation.

You know throughout the history leopards have been always depicted in mythology, folklore in numerous countries and artwork. Heading back to the step in this step you have to make the face and the body parts of the leopard properly you can take help of the picture attached to this step and draw.

Step:4 Erase Guidelines

leopard drawing easy in 5 Steps

Here is the fourth step to make this Leopard drawing easy. The habitat of leopards is_ grassland, mountains, various ranging between rainforests and desert terrains. The range of leopards is Asia and far east Russia, the middle East and Africa. The scientific name for leopard is Panthera Pardus.

Now let’s move back to the step on this step you have to first if off erase all the 3 circles which were drawn in step 1 and you will erase all the extra line and after that you will make the shape of curvy tail of the leopard.

Step:5 Leopard drawing has been made

leopard drawing easy

So here is the fifth and the last step of this Leopard drawing easy in this step you have to first of all outline the drawing with a black sketch pen and after that, you have to make the black patches or spots in the body of the leopard and make the shadow of the leopard below him only.

After shading your leopard drawing is ready. I hope you guys understood and enjoyed Leopard drawing easy.


Click here to check the full video tutorial 

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