Line Art Drawing Full Tutorial

Hello friends, Today in this blogpost we have provide the line art drawing. Which is very easy to draw if you watch the video tutorial of this line art drawing which is given in the last paragraph of this tutorial. I hope you like this amazing tutorial of line art drawing.

Line Art Drawing

line art

Line art or line delineation is any image that consists of distinct straight lines or angles placed against a background( generally plain), without gradations in shade( darkness) or tinge( color) to represent two- dimensional or three- dimensional objects. Line art can use lines of different colors, although line art is generally monochromic.

Techniques of Line Art

Line art emphasizes form and delineations), of several( many) constant extents( as in specialized illustrations), or of freely varying extents( as in encounter work or drawing). Line art may tend towards literalism( as by important of Gustave Doré’s work), or it may be a mock, cartoon, ideograph, or icon .

History of Line Art

Before the development of photography and of halftones, line art was the standard format for illustrations to be used in print publications, using black essay on white paper. Using either spotting or setting, tones of argentine could also be dissembled.

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