Lion Drawing Easy | How to draw a Lion for Kids Step by Step

Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post. In today’s blog post, I have provided Lion Drawing for all of you which is very easy to make. In this article, it has been explained in such an easy way that you will make this drawing correctly in one go. Friends, I have published art related to Lion two to three times in the past on my blog, if you want to see the drawing of the King of the Jungle in the same way, then you can go to the homepage of our blog and search. I hope you all will be able to make this drawing easily. To make this drawing, some material will be needed, which will be told to you in the following paragraph.

Some steps are provided to make this drawing. Some important things have been explained in the steps so that you will be able to easily learn how to make this drawing. In the end, the video tutorial of this drawing has been provided, which is very important to make this drawing. If you want to make this drawing, then definitely read and understand this article from beginning to end. Also must watch the video tutorial given below, which will help you a lot in making this drawing.

Lion Drawing Easy

Friends, by the way, you must have understood by seeing the title and thumbnail of this article that Lion Drawing is provided in this article. Hope you all will like this article. To make this drawing, some material will be required, in which first comes HB pencil, and after that pencil, colours have been used in this drawing. Some steps are given below, definitely read them.

Step:1 Star Draw with a face of Lion

So friends this is the first step of this drawing. This step shows how to draw the face of a lion. Friends, seeing in the image of this step, you must be able to know how its face has been drawn. First, we have to draw the eyes of the lion. After drawing the eyes, draw the lion’s nose. After drawing the nose, draw the lion’s teeth. The lion is shown roaring in this drawing, so we have to draw it in exactly the same way.

Step:2 Now draw Ears and Hair of Lion

lion drawing easy

Now we have to draw its hair and ears. First, we have to draw its ears. After drawing the ears, draw its hair. Friends, because of the hair of the lion, the lion seems to be the king of the jungle. If you understand by this step than you have to read all the remaining steps.

Step:3 Now we have to draw Legs and Tail

lion drawing easy

So friends, now we have to draw the body of the lion. In the body, first, we have to draw the front two legs of the lion, after that draw the back of the lion. After drawing the back we have to draw both the legs of the back of the lion. Lastly, we have to draw the tail of the lion. Hope you can draw easily.

Step:4 Fill in the colour on the lion Drawing

lion drawing easy

So friends, now we have to fill the color. Fill in the color very carefully. If there is any mistake in coloring then this lion drawing will not look anything special.

Watch the Video of Lion Drawing

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