Lion drawing | Sketch of a Lion Step by Step

Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post. In today’s blog post, I have provided Lion Drawing for all of you. Friends, all of you must know that the lion is the king of the forest. So today we have provided the drawing of the King of the Forest, which you can see in this blog post. I hope you all will be able to make this drawing easily. By the way, after drawing this lion, we have to sketch in the last which is very important. I hope you all will be able to make this drawing easily. Friends, now we are giving daily updates on our blog, hope you all will check daily updates on our blog. Some materials will be needed to make this drawing.

By the way, to make this drawing, only one pencil will be needed, if you want, you can draw with 2B or 4B pencils. Friends, in this article some steps have been provided for all of you. With the help of steps, you will be able to draw this drawing very easily. The most important thing that is in this article, which is the video tutorial of this drawing, you will find in the last of this post. Friends, if you want to make this drawing, then you read this article from beginning to end. Understand all the given steps properly and must watch the video tutorial.

Lion Drawing

If you want to make this drawing then all of you should have all the materials to make this drawing like you have a pencil and drawing sheet, eraser and you can also use a blending stump to sketch in this drawing. Below are some steps to make this drawing. Read all the steps properly.

Step:1 Start Draw with Three Different Size of Circle

So friends, now we have to draw three circles, all of which are of different sizes. If you can’t draw the circle correctly, you can do it using any equipment. Don’t use too much press the pencil to draw circles, Use Lightly to draw three different sizes of circles. These all circle as guides for the lion’s body. You have to draw circles exactly according to the height of the lion. We will draw the body of the lion with the help of these circles, so you have to keep the size of the circle perfect as in this drawing.

Step:2 Now you have to Draw Series of line to joint all the circles

So friends, now we have to draw a series of lines. By drawing these lines, you will be able to join the three circles. After that, we have to draw the lion’s face. Draw ears very carefully. In the last, we have to draw structure legs and tail. I hope you understand by this step. If you understand by this step you have to read all the remaining steps.

Step:3 Now we have to draw the Face of lion

lion drawing

Now we have to draw the face of the lion. The lion’s eyes, nose, and ears are all to be drawn. In the image of this drawing, you can see the teeth of a lion. You will be able to see how to draw all these things in this drawing video tutorial. First, draw the eyes of a lion, After drawing the eyes you have to draw the nose and mouth. In the last draw the ears. I hope you draw this perfectly.

Step:4 Now draw Hairs, Legs and Tail of Lion

lion drawing

Now we have to draw the hair of the lion which you can see on its body. After that we have to draw the legs of the lion. It is very easy to draw lion’s feet. First of all we have to draw the shape of the foot, after that draw the claws. Last we have to draw the tail of the lion.

Step:5 Lion Drawing has been made

lion drawing

So, friends, This lion drawing has been made. In the last, we have to sketch the lion’s body. The sketch has to be done very carefully on the body of the lion. If you don’t know how to sketch then you can watch this drawing video tutorial. All of you will understand how to sketch by watching this drawing video tutorial. I hope you all will like this article

Watch the Video of Lion Drawing

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