Love Art Drawing-Step by Step lovedrawing

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Today I have provided Love Art Drawing for you in this post. Inside this post, I will explain all the instructions for this drawing. I will also tell you which material you have to use in the drawing. If you read my post carefully from the beginning to the last, you will all know about this drawing. Let’s start.

How to draw Love Alphabet letter drawing

love art drawing

Materials: 2B pencil, bristol paper, Grey marker, Black pen, Prismacolor, Stump & Ebony graphite pencil.

Looking at this drawing you might find it hard to make it, but nothing like this. The harder it is to see the drawing, the easier it is. But there is no need to worry about you in the video tutorial given below for this drawing. You can easily draw this drawing by watching that video.

To create a Love Art Drawing, first, you have to draw the Love alphabet letter from the 2B pencil. After that, you have to do shade in Love art drawing alphabet. To do the shading you need to fill in the dark area with a gray marker, In this drawing, I have told you all the instructions. By following all the instructions given to me, you can make this drawing very good by following.

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Watch in the following Video


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