Marshmello drawing-Step by step

Hello, Friends Welcome to today’s blog post. I have created a very beautiful drawing in the blog post-Simple Drawing for kids. Today, in the category of simple drawing, I have created a drawing very famous musician(Marshmallow) marshmallow drawing is very easy.

Let’s start your drawing. You have to use some material to make this drawing. The material is just a FABER-CASTELL marker pen.

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How to make a Marshmello drawing

To make this drawing, first, you have to follow the following 7 steps.

Step:1 Start with Cylinder

Marshmello drawing-Step by step

To make this drawing, first you have to make a cylinder in the shape of a square as the mind has placed in the image. If you do not understand any step given to me, then you can mail me in Contact Us form.

Step:2 Draw Marshmello’s eyes

Marshmello drawing-Step by step


You have to draw Marshmallo’s Eyes with Black Marker. And drawing is done with a good line so that the face of Marshmallow does not look different if you make a few of your Mistake curry and the face will not look as it would have thought in your mind.

Step:3 Draw marshmallow mouth

Marshmello drawing-Step by step

After that you have to draw Marshmallo’s mouth(marshmello drawing).

Step:4 draw the lower part

marshmello drawing

Now you have to draw the lower part of Marshmello, which means drawing his body.

Step:5 Draw the shadow’s outline back to head

marshmello drawing

Now you have to draw out the shadow outline of Marshmallow’s head. So that our drawing is very attractive

Step:6 Fill black color in the shadow

marshmello drawing


Now you have to do black color in shadow or you can also use the marker in shadow on marshmello drawing.

Step:7 Drawing finished

marshmello drawing

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In the end, you have to create a shadow of Marshmallow, which is a part of Marshmallow’s shadow, with absolutely perfect lines and shade it from the black market. please visit marshmello YouTube channel..

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