Mule Drawing step by step | Pencil sketch | Amazing drawing

Mule Drawing step by step. I hope you waiting for this amazing mule drawing. In this Mule Drawing, we have provided amazing steps and a video tutorials of this Mule Drawing. I hope you like this drawing very much. If you want to draw this so you have to read all the steps which are given below.

Step:1 Draw Three DIfferent size circle

Mule Drawing step by step | Pencil sketch | Amazing drawing

So guys here we here today will learn how to draw a mule. Friends do you know that Mules are offsprings of a male donkey and a female horse and the opposite breed that is between a female donkey and a male horse is termed as hinny, but are very less in number as compared to the mules.

You know that the mukes are the oldest hybrids to exist on this earth. Now let’s come to the step, so first in this step we have to draw a big circle on the right side of the middle of the page then after this we have to draw another circle at the right of this circle leaving a few centimeters (cm) gap.

After drawing these two circles draw one more circle but a small one as compared to these draw the third circle at the top right of the first circle drawn, look at the image attached to this step and make.

Step:2 Draw Legs shape and face shape

Mule Drawing step by step | Pencil sketch | Amazing drawing

Here is the second step to draw this mule drawing. You know what mules basically eat? They eat shrubs, grasses and hays. The miles belong to the Mammalia class. It is said that 15 million mules are said to exist all over the world. You heve notices that except of the log ears mules look very similar to the horses.

Now coming back to the step, in this step you have to draw the rough shape of the leg, ears and the mouth of the mules. So have a look at the picture attached to this step an start to draw.

Step:3 Draw body parts of mule with the help of Some Guidelines

Mule Drawing

Here guys ia the third step to draw this muke in this step you have to make the rough sketch of the body structure of the mule. So, in this step we have to, first of all, join the two point on the circumference of the circle to the other circumference point on the other circles.

Now you have to make the neck part so for neck part join the right circle to the middle one with the help of lines as shown in this picture.

Step:4 Draw Face of Mule

Mule Drawing

So guys, here is the fourth step to complete Mule Drawing in this step you have to make the proper parts of the mule. First of all make the proper shape of the mouth of the mule look at the picture above and draw the proper shape of the legs after making the legs draw the normal tail of the mules and male the paws too. Make the cute little eye by just making a small shaded circle and draw an eyebrow above that

Step:5 Erase Guidelines

Mule Drawing

Here is the fifth and tha second last step to complete this Mule drawing. Guys you know that the mule gets it’s athelete ability from a horse and it’s intelligence from a donkey.

You know that mule come in all sizes from miniature to draft there is no perfect and definate size of the mules. So now let’s talk about the step in this step we have to erase all the three circles and extra lines which were drawn.

Step:6 Mule Drawing has been made

Mule Drawing

Here comes the last step in this step you have to outline the horse with a sketch pen and then shade it accordingly. Now your mule’s drawing is ready. I hope you guys enjoyed.

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