Mushroom Drawing Easy | Drawing in 5 Steps

Friends, today we are going to make a mushroom drawing easy in a simple way in 2D, in which there are 3 small mushrooms. on which dot circles are drawn there will be small grass on the bottom side. Mushroom is the name of a vegetable that looks very tasty to eat. We will make it by setting it with a simple pencil without coloring it.

The shapes of all three mushrooms are opposite to each other, one is the biggest mushroom, one is smaller than it and one is the smallest mushroom. All three are standing on the ground by themselves and some grass is frozen nearby. Will simply make it well on a white paper. There are about 14000 species of mushrooms in the world, we put mushrooms in a lot of places in vegetables on pizza or wherever it is, it looks very tasty(Mushroom Drawing Easy).

Mushroom Drawing easy

Step:1 Draw the Basic Shape of the Mushroom

First of all, by taking a white sheet of paper, we will simply draw the basic shape of a mushroom on it. To make the biggest mushroom sev, we can place the pencil between the pages. Or keep it on the side, slowly fly it up to 3 cm, then fold it from the top to the right side and bring it down, then join it with a straight line below in this Mushroom Drawing Easy.

Both the lines that we have drawn upwards are slightly curved and the middle one is slightly oval. Now we draw with the help of a pencil. We will draw a circle like a saucer, which will not be complete, now we will draw a half circle on top of it, for which we will move the pencil upwards and bring it downwards.

Step:2 Draw the Top part of the Mushroom

Basically, the saucer shape will be made lengthwise and to cover it from above, make a half circle in the form of an egg which will be a parabola. In this, we will run the pencil all the way to the front, Which will show us from the front, and will move the back side pencil towards the back side of the straight line that was drawn on top of it(Mushroom Drawing Easy).

Which will give the exact shape of a saucer. Now we will make the drawing of another mushroom near this, and for that, we will draw two straight downlight teddy lines near it, the gap between which should be 1 centimeter. Instead of being straight, they are slightly bent, now we join these together to the upper part.

Step:3 Draw the Bottom Area of the Mushroom

Now on top of this, we make a big half circle which is slightly bigger than the previous government, near this we make another saucer-like drawing that goes backward from one side of the previous mushroom drawing. It is seen that instead of making both of them equal, we make the other one elevated a bit.

After making it completely, make another small mushroom drawing near it. For which we draw two small lines which are slightly bent and slightly away from both of them, now we join those two lines from above. After this, draw a half circle upwards. This too is mixed with a feminine car.

Step:4 Draw the design of the top part

Now after making all three of them, we make the design on top of the mushroom, for which we basically make the pencil by moving it cleanly. On top of these, we draw small circles whose radius is small or big, all these circles are not equal to each other, making small circles move from top to bottom.

The bigger ones make big circles above the drawing of the mushroom and the upper part where the circle meets, makes half circles near them and the smaller ones make small circles near the circle. It looks very good to see the mushroom.

Step:5 Mushroom Drawing Easy is Drawn

Now in this step, we will make small grass near all these, to make grass, like which, we will run the pen from one side upwards, Then going downwards then upwards in Mushroom Drawing easy, how will all the grass below be different as you can see in the drawing.

Simply moving the pencil up and down to make grass, Will move the pencil in a zigzag manner, for which we will run the pencil well, which will give the look of grass stuck near them, will make small machines while taking them to the bank, will come in front of the rest. Our drawing is ready, we have to do all the simple steps carefully so that our drawing will become more beautiful in Mushroom Drawing Easy.

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