Narwhal drawing Step by Step

Narwhal Drawing, The narwhal, also called the narwhale it is a medium-sized and a toothed whale that possesses a large ‘tusk’ from a protruding canine tooth. It lives year-round in the Arctic waters around Russia, Canada and Greenland. Do you know? It is one of two living species of whale in the family Calles as Monodontidae, along with the beluga whale. The population of the narwhal is estimated at 80,000 from which three-quarters of them spend their summers in the Canadian Arctic. There are basically two main populations of narwhal found in Canada, they are as follows:-

1) the Baffin Bay
2) Hudson Boy populations
Guys, Now let’s make the drawing.
So let’s begin with the first step given below,

Step:1 Draw Eyes of Narwhal

Narwhal drawing

so here is the first step to drawing this Narwhal drawing. First, let’s know something about narwhals they are often called the unicorns of the sea. They are very beautiful creatures with long tusks protruding from their heads. They basically feed on the Greenland halibut, shrimp, polar cod, and the Arctic.

Now here let’s come back to the step in this step you have to make the shape of the cute little looking eye of the narwhal. First, you draw a small circle then inside that draw another small circle and shade this just leaving a few places as you can see in the image attached with this step after making the eye draw the simple shape of the eyebrow of the narwhal.

Step:2 Draw Horn of Narwhal

Narwhal drawing

Here is the second step to making this Narwhal drawing. Do you know that climate change and oil and gas development pose threats to the narwhals? They can dive about a mile deep into the oceans. The crack in the sea ice above them allows them to come up for air when they need it.

Now coming back to the step where we have to draw the mouth and the tusk part of the narwhal like a triangle and make some curved lines inside the tusks.

Step:3 Draw Wings of Narwhal

Narwhal drawing

Here is the third step to drawing this drawing. Do you know the colour of narwhals? It basically depends on the age of the narwhals the newborn narwhals are grey in colour, juveniles are blue-black in colour and adult ones are mottled grey and the old narwhals are probably all white in colour.

So here in this step, you have to make the cute looking smile of the narwhal and then you have to make the legs or fina whatever you say it.

Step:4 Draw the Rear wings of Narwhal

Narwhal drawing Step by Step

Here is the fourth step to make this Narwhal drawing. You know that the average life span of the narwhals is thirty to forty years but many live more to this upto 50 years. You know that the tusks of the narwhals are actually the tooth, that is a very sensitive organ they have. Now back to the step in this step you have to draw the back part of the narwhal. So forst make the back of the narwhal and then draw the shape of the tail or whatever it is.


Narwhal drawing

Here is the last step to complete this drawing. In this step, we have to first of all outline the cartoon narwhal drawing and then fill in colours after filling in colours your narwhal drawing is ready. I hope you guys enjoyed while making this drawing and liked the quotes too.

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