New Year Drawing Very Easy by Using Oil Pastel Colours

Hello, Guys welcome every one of you to the present New Year(How to Make New Year Drawing Step by Step) drawing. Companions, I need to state that Happy New Year every one of You in Advance. By some occasion, all of you no doubt saw the title and thumbnail of this article. I have explained in this article how to pull in Happy New Year the stepwise structure. You can make this drawing sensibly if you read this article beginning to end. To make this drawing you will require some material, which will be asked to you all in this article. If you need to keep appropriating such enchanting posts on our blog concerning an equivalent way, by then you keep supporting our blog and offer the offered article to a continually making degree.

Let’s Talk About New Year Drawing

So Guys, in this blog parcel today, a few things will be told about this New Year drawing which is in like manner titanic. So Guys, if you think, other than this drawing, in case we make any drawing, by the basic thing we see the structure of the drawing. Starting now and for a colossal time allotment, we in like way see what material we need in this drawing. Right when we have the material completely set up with us than beginning there forward, we set up the drawing.

So mates, several people reliably present a disaster area up while making a drawing that they start making the drawing at any rate before that. they don’t have the foggiest thought of how to make the drawing

Direct. So today I need to uncover to you that to make a drawing. It is essential for us for the most capable framework to start drawing. In case you started the drawing, notwithstanding, by then, you can make the drawing successfully. I uncovered to you that when you make this Grinch drawing, you need to grasp a commensurate strategy which is suggested in this part.

Material Used in this New Year Drawing

You need to use Oil Pastels to show the picture better, yet it will be less difficult to begin drawing with Brush so starting now and into the foreseeable future, you can concealing with circumspectly with Sketch tones. By then, the lemonade is eminent, you plan it with a weak marker. By then masking it Oil Pastels Colors.

So mates, underneath are a few phases to make this drawing, which is goliath for every one of you. With the assistance of these techniques, you will have the decision to make this drawing with no issue.

New Year Drawing Image

new year drawing

Appropriately, individuals, This is the picture of this drawing. I trust you like this drawing purpose of actuality. The three stages are given underneath. The material you correspondingly know by investigating the segment on this blog. I trust you comprehend what I need to clarify in this blog area.


So friends, First you have to draw this, you need to HB pencil. After that draw with this Drawing. Now you have to draw Corona Drawing, After that draw a line and partition on 2020 & 2021. It is a very easy task for you. Now you have to draw half sun, To draw the half sun you have to draw Semi-Circle. After that draw the girl and puppy.


In this step you have to draw the structure of Corona. After that write 2020 corona and 2021. I hope you understand what i want to explain for you.


So friends, This is the last step of this drawing. In this step you have to colour in this with Oil pastels colours. I hope you like this drawing very much.

So friends, These all the steps of this drawing. The video tutorial of this drawing given below.

Watch the Video of New Year Drawing