Nose drawing step by step

Hello friends, I have made a nose drawing in my drawing and I will tell you how to draw nose drawing(nose drawing step by step). it very simple and amazing art of my post, If you like my post, please share.

To make this drawing, first you need some material that material is Fabric-castlell drawing pencil 6B pencil used in this drawing.

How to draw Nose drawing step by step

First you need to follow my 3 step to draw nose drawing

Step 1: Start with Straight line

Nose drawing step by step


In the beginning you have to draw a line, which is in the shape of the nostrils and bridge of nose.

Step 2 : draw basic rules or the nose shape

Nose drawing step by step

And then you have to outline the part of the U shape top of the nostrils by pencil, You have to outline pencil on either side of the bridge and so that the shape of the nose is absolutely true.

Step 3: shape around the nose scaffold and tip

Nose drawing step by step

shape around the external piece of the scaffold and around the inward piece of the circle making a shape of the nose, you will see shading is thicker at the highest point of the extension. that is a result of the nose of the scaffold leads into the temples bones.

Step 4: Draw the scaffold

Nose drawing step by step

pursue the precious stone shape to draw nostrils. Presently it’s beginning to met up.

Step 5: Shade the nose properly

Nose drawing step by step

Shade the nostrils to make sure to abandon a few territories immaculate so you can do some featuring later, shape and form the scaffold and ball o the nose. you can shade around the highest point of the hover to make the nose look pointer or shade the center of hover to give it a last look. utilize the eraser to spot zones which appear to dull, any lines that show careful zones you need to feature.

Hello! this instructional exercise currently accompanies a video! in the event that you have’n watch it yet, click here or squeeze play beneath! this video is extremely point by point and contains numerous extra advances, exaple and procedures:


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