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ocean sunset painting:Hello friend how are you I hope you are all well
Today’s outline is a bit difficult but very standard.
Our plan is for the sun to set with the sea, which is a very beautiful and charming sight.
To make this sketch, we will tell you to go step by step
Take a look at the picture first

the first step of the ocean sunset painting

First of all, you have to put these colors together as shown in the photo.
It is made in 3D, so you can see it in a simple way۔The same amount should be used. Because if you use more color than that, it will not form well.

the second step of the ocean sunset painting


The second stop
The colors you have collected. So now make them something like this using a brush on white paper.

Make the sun where the sunlight is being felt. It seems that it is the evening time. It is time for the sun to set. The rise of the whole day is now being changed into the fall.

the 3rd steps of the ocean sunset painting

In the third stop, clouds are seen in the sky.
The waves of the sea are visible below. It is becoming a very beautiful scene.

Now we just make waves of it. The sea is very angry and is making very big waves. We are not describing this whole scene but we are sketching this scene.