Otter drawing in 6 Steps

Otter drawing step by step, Otter drawing is very amazing. It is very easy to draw for beginners. In this blog post, I will provide all these steps which are given below. If you want to draw this so you have to understand how to draw otter step by step. I hope you like this Otter drawing very much.

Otter Drawing

Step:1 Draw three different size of Circles

Otter drawing in 6 Steps

So guy’s here is the first step to make this Otter drawing for an Otter. You know mainly there are only 13 species of otters and the fact is that all of them are decreasing day by day.

You know what zoroastrians thought thought? Let us tell you zoroastrians thought the otters to bee nearly blessed. Now let’s come to this step in this step first if all you have to make three rough circles one a bigger one(at the left) beside it (in between) a medium sized circle and a smaller one (at the right).

Step:2 Joint all circle with the help of Guidelines

Otter drawing in 6 Steps

Here is the second step for this Otter drawing. Do you know a fact about otter that otters have the thickest fur on ther body as compared to the other mammal in the animal kingdom?

Otters can have upto 1 million hairs per square inch. There are two layers of fat on the body of an otter one layer consists the hairs that we can see and other is the undercoat. Now let’s move back to the step in this step we have to draw the curvy and wavy body structure of the otter.

Step:3 Draw Face of Otter

otter drawing

Here is the third part to make this Otter drawing. In this step first of all you have to make the cute looking eyes of the otter by make a shaded black Circle and making the eyes we will make the nose of the otter, the nose of the otter is a quite bir of a triangular shape, so draw the shape of the nose of otter by looking at the image attached to this step, after making the eyes and nose draw the shape of the cute mouth of the otter.

Step:4 Draw Legs of Otter

otter drawing

Here is the fourth step to make this drawing. You know the fact that baby otters are buoyant but they can’t swim on their own, a mother often wraps the baby in their kelp to keep them in one place while she hunts. Heading back to the step in this step forst we will make the front two limbs of the otter and after that the backward limbs of the otter.

Step:5 Erase Guidelines

otter drawing

Here is the fifth and the second last step of this otter drawing. You know that otters are carnivores mammals in the subfamily Lutrinae. Lutrinae is a branch of the Mustelidae family. Lutrinae also includes wolverines, mink, weasels, badgers and other animals. Let’s come back to the step in this step we have to erase all the guidelines and extra marks or lines drawn.

Step:6 Otter Drawing has been made

otter drawing

Here is the sixth and the last step of this drawing in this step we have to forst of all outline the otter with the help of a black sketch pen and after that you have to shade the drawing accordingly. I hope you guys understood how to make this drawing and enjoyed.

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