Tree drawing

How to make a Tree drawing: First, we will need HB pencil to draw the tree, First of all, after examining the shape of the tree’s shape and his twin carefully, tree drawing after testing it, we have to try it, I will paste

Sketch drawing the sparrow bird

How to draw the sparrow: First you have to draw Sparrow’s shape from HB pencil, you can see in the image of Sparrow…. After drawing the shape of Sparrow you have to draw Sparrow’s wings and marry 2 b pencils in it. After that you

How to draw 3d cube on paper

How to draw a 3d cube on paper: The material used: HB pencil only. 3d cube is very easy to draw. Firstly, you will need an HB pencil to make a cube. It is a very simple drawing. You will have to pull the

Draw crack wall by vkarts

How to draw Crack wall. First of all you have to follow the given 2 steps to make Crack Wall. Step:1 Firstly you will need HB and 6B pencils, Then you have to draw the structure of the wall from the HB pencil After drawing the

3d crack on paper by VkArts

How to draw 3d crack on paper Material used for its drawing : HB and 6B pencil, First of all we need to make crack HB and 6B pencil After that, we have to make a 3d Crack shape from HB pencil. Then after