Panda Drawing-Step by Step

Hello, Friends, Everyone is welcome in today’s blog post. In this blog post(Panda Drawing), I have provided a panda drawing for you. Which is very good to see. This article has been specially sponsored for kids so that my children are also desperate to come to my blog.

SPONGEBOB Drawing-Step by Step

I will give you all the information related to this drawing. As to how this drawing will be made, I will give you some steps in your blog and what is the material used in it, I will also tell you in your blog. So friends will hope you will enjoy this article today or it is going to be. Read this article from the beginning to the end so you know how to make this Panda drawing or everything about this drawing. So let’s start friends.

How to draw Panda

Before you make this drawing, you have to follow some steps below.

Step:1 Start with this Oval Shape(Panda Drawing)

Panda drawing

First, you have to draw this oval shape. This shape is to draw very carefully because here we have started, if our shape worsens from the beginning, our drawing may be spoiled until it is complete so you have to take a lot of attention to these things while making a shape. From this, in the next step you will get a tutorial for the ears, so let’s move to the next step.

Step:2 Draw Ears of Panda

Panda Drawing-Step by Step

Now you have to draw panda’s ears. It is very easy to draw ears, kids can make this drawing very easily. While drawing the ear, it is very careful that you have to draw the distance and shape of its ear just like I have provided you in this image. If you understand everything until then you can go to the next step.

Step:3 Fill Black sketch in Ears of Panda(drawing)

Panda drawing

Now you have to sketch the ear in its ear. In this image, you will be seeing blue color but you have to fill the black color in it because blue color has been shown so that you can know that we have said in this step. Because many visitors do not read the article, I have provided so many images in my blog so that without reading it is understandable that what is the process in it.

Step:4 Draw Eyes of Panda

panda drawing

Now you have to draw its eye in it. Very Easy Trick to Draw Eyes This is where I’ve been Provided. Very Easy Trick to Draw Eyes This is where I’ve been Provided. First of all, you have to make the shape of its eye shape, which is the same shape of the egg, which means to draw the oval shapes, make the shape of both the eyes as attractive as you can see in the image.

Step:5 Fill Black colour in his eyes(Panda drawing)

Panda Drawing-Step by Step

Now you have to colour with the black sketch in its eye. In this very easy way, you have been explained that you do not have to fill the color in the inner shape, in this image you will see this.

Panda Drawing-Step by Step

Step:6 Draw His Nose

Panda Drawing-Step by Step

Now you have to draw his nose in it. Which is very easy to draw. All you have to do is draw the shape of its nose and its boss has to leave a little space before filling the black color for the shining of its nose so that it shows the shining in its nozzle.

Step:7 Draw his Lower body

Panda drawing

Now you have to draw the body below it, for that, you can watch its video. I have provided the video below to you so that you do not have any problem with the drawing.

Step:8 Draw his both Hands

Panda drawing

Now you have to draw both of your hands, you can see the tutorial in the video.

Step:9 Now Draw his both leg

Panda Drawing

Now you have to draw both legs. Now we have completed this drawing. Below I have given you the video tutorial below. Please definitely watch this video.

Watch in the following video(Panda Drawing)

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