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Today I have created a 3d hole drawings on paper its very amazing drawing, Which will require HB, 6B, and fiber scale pencils to make this drawing, So in today’s blog, you will tell me how to make a pencil art drawing/pencil art drawing and 3d h hole online paper step by step on paper.  If you want these pencils, then you can buy them from Amazon Pay.

How to draw 3d h hole on line paper.

To make this drawing, first, you have to follow the 3 steps given to me.

Step:1  To make this drawing, first, we need an HB pencil.

Step:2 After that we have to make a shade of H for which we need a fiber scale.

Step:3 Then our last work is left in which we have to do the shading.

Well, in this blog post I explained everything to you but if you do not understand anything, then I will give you a link to the video which will be very beneficial if you want to make my drawing on my house and try it.

Watch in the following video how to draw 3d h hole online paper- Pencil art drawing.

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